“Dearest Maria,  To me is a grande privilege to meet and recognize You. 
Thank You very, very much for your purity, integrity and help. 
Your Gifts ~ Audio Prayers are inestimable treasures in the service of all Life;s areas, {Mother Father & Goddess/God of the Light}.
You are such blessed Priestess  of New Times. Finally we are Here and Feminine Grace is …again here on the Earth from Stellar space! It is the Time.
I felt your touch in energy as mother, sister, divine guide, ascension guide. 
This is a Rare blessing.  
I recommend your  creations, sacred touch of the Mother Father God, to anyone who desires Miracles in their Life. So simple, way, just Faith needed! 
9 days of deep connections with your Prayers or 33 days, next level of achievement, as any creation asks determination and commitment to God. Bless You Divine Woman.”  

My all Admiration & Appreciation,
Carmen Meera, Oracle Coach
June, 2014

“Lovely Maria, you are one of those people that you just have to meet. Your energy field feels like a soothing, revitalizing bath after a long journey on the desert. My endless thanks for your tender love and care that you show to us each and every time. To us, the students of your spiritual education center at the Netherlands, you are a mother, an aunt, a cousin, a friend, a coach, a teacher, a soulbuddy, an inspiration, an example and a reflection and reminder of the warmest and most wonderful part of me. Only looking at your sweet face reminds me how much I am loved out there. I can’t thank you enough for creating this cute but powerful spiritual place where my heart can dance with somebody else's. Your place gives me hope, strength, inspiration and healing. You are much appreciated, Maria. You are LOVE. Thanks a million for your special endless energy.”

The Netherlands 

“I am very blessed to have discovered Rev. Maria Piotrovskaya on YouTube. I was looking for a teacher who could help me advance on my spiritual path on a deeper level.  Maria teaches through very powerful prayers from the Sacred Esoteric Mystery Schools of the Ancient Adepts. Maria presents the most beautiful and powerful prayers with the assistance of the Seven Mighty  Archangels, the Beloved Ascended Masters, and the Great Cosmic Beings serving the Light, Love and Wisdom of God. Maria has a very powerful, clear and truthful connection to the God Source that comes from a very loving compassionate heart that completely transcends personal ego.

In watching Maria’s videos, given in front of her beautiful altar, one feels not only feels the love of the God energy flowing forth, but also the intensified energies of the Great Cosmic Hosts of Light.
I am also very blessed to have a personal reading with Maria regarding a personal and deep emotional issue about Twin Flames and Soul Mates that I have not been able to resolve on my own. Maria’s Truthful, clear, and compassionate insight into the matter revealed it’s core residing on a soul  level that I  was unaware of.

I believe that through Maria I received truthful Divine Guidance from God, and am now able to make the spiritual progress I am desiring.
There is a lot of ego based mis-information out there on the internet regarding high spiritual matters.
It is very clear that Maria is a beautiful, dedicated soul who truly loves God and is blessed with clear, truthful insights that come directly from the Mind and Heart of our Blessed God, committed to liberating us from illusion and accelerating our joyful path back to God.
It is empowering and comforting to have such a loving, dedicated soul that Maria is for those of us on a conscious path back to the Light and Love of our God Source! I am so grateful!”



“Dear Maria, some time ago I subscribed to your channel and didn’t knew why exactly. Just the energy you radiate was a reason for me. The prayers sounded amazing, but I didn’t felt anything, because I didn’t believed in the power of it. Then two days ago I started watching a video of you with full believe and tuned in to you and wauw! I don’t have any words, your prayers are so strong. Never felt this before. Thank you that you’re doing this for all of us.”


“It was the hardest period of my life, I was lost in thousands of religious teachings and it seemed to me that god had forgotten me.  Then I found Maria’s channel on youtube and listened her prayers, in a few days my life began to change for the better. I had written her some massages and I was surprised how kind she could to be for someone unknown to her. Then, I decided to write testimonial on her website and promised her to do so, but I hardly can describe how many problems popped out, and for my shame, it is more than month I want to write it, but I could not. I know one thing, my life is full of bad surprises, but every time I began to listen her, hope comes and problems disappears. I would like more and more people knew about her, because I believe world will be better after that. Dearest Maria, thank you for everything, and please, don’t stop to pray for me. Your prayers are really helpful.”

Ia Maisuradze

“Dear Maria, I have been so richly blessed by watching your videos, not a day has gone by without me watching you — I can feel the healing and blessings invoked by you — I thank Father/Mother/Universe/Angels for you and I pray that you and your work are richly blessed because of the blessings you invoke for the children of the light on their way home.  Amen.” 
Your friend always,

Myca Seaforth

"Dear Maria, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful prayers you have given on youtube. Yesterday I was on youtube and I asked Jesus to guide me to the right person for prayer videos. There were so many, but you stood out.

I felt like I had much in common with you. I listened to your videos and I was amazed on how powerful you are and how powerful your love and connection is with The Lord, Mother and Angels. Your prayers work! And I can’t wait to listen to all of them everyday. I am so glad I found you and I thank Jesus and the Angels for that. I am a spiritual energy healer and I work with clients. In my healings I work with Jesus and the Angels in channeling love light from my heart. I have been practicing healings since I was 19. I been involved in the metaphysics since I was 14 years old and now I’m 38. You really inspired me to continue with my true passion.

After I listened to some of your videos I felt a complete shift in my energy, emotions and perspective, I felt stronger. I completely believe in Jesus and I accepted him into my heart when I was at the age of 3. I am not religious but I am extremely spiritual. I have had face to face in person visits with Christ 4 times. He visited me a lot as a child and a few times in my adult life. I also have had many supernatural experiences with Angels too. I am 38 years old now and all my life I have dealt with good and dark forces, out-of-body experiences and everything you can imagine in the paranormal. Which led me to help others that were going through similar experiences.

I have enough stories to write a book. So when I saw your prayer on removing dark energies and negative forces, I was amazed by the power I felt from that video. I felt so at peace and strong.

Thank you again for everything and for helping me bring out my creativity and inner strength. I am so thankful that your prayers and videos are so effective. I believe you are a real Angel. Many beautiful blessings to you always!"
Love from the heart,

Paula  http://www.heartlovehealing.com

"Dear Maria, It is with a grateful heart that I recognize here that my life has
dramatically changed since I request for your help to pray with me.
Even if I still waiting for y high paying job many wonderful events have happened in my life since I found your channel. May God be glorified because I have organized my wedding at June 7 and now I am a regular guess on a TV debates on youth related issues.

I continue to pray for my new job with steadfast belief that it is already mine.
Thank you for your prayers. Holiness unto the Lord!
New events have happen since I wrote the words above. So I complete
them with this: I found a high paying job here in Togo (West Africa).I was chosen among 14 000 people at the beginning of the recruiting process. Universal prayers works everywhere on earth!!! Thank You! Be blessed! I hereby promise to donate through your website link as soon as possible. My new life is a proof that Universal Prayers are effective."

Mawuena Komi Amouzouvi
Togo, West Africa

"Dear Maria, I want to thank you for your prayers.  I watched your video this morning “Gift from the universe and abundance” and shortly thereafter I received a call from my stepmother and I was gifted with a $17,000 check for a brand-new car! Isn’t that just incredible?? I also watch your Archangel Michael video. I am in such a bliss of all of you your mixture of blessings and healings. I am an ordained minister through the church or divine intervention and I practice reiki.
Many blessings to you!"

Robert E Thompson

"Dear Rev. Maria, I found your videos on youtube and I am writing today because I
want to thank you so very much for the healing prayers. I was very
sick, in bed with a flu and a very painful soar throat. Your prayers
mitigated the pain immediately and I kept watching your other videos
as well. A few days ago, my sister, Sol, was also very ill with pain
all over her body. I had her listen to your violet flame healing
prayer and almost immediately, she felt so much better. Thank you
Reverend for your prayers, they are beautifully healing and I have a
lot of faith in them."

Johanna Azuaje

“I have recently come across the video prayers of Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja purely by chance or not as the case maybe, as we are all guided to the people we need in our life for progress on our spiritual paths when we seek with a sincere heart.

I am hugely grateful for these prayers of Reverend Maria, I started off  with “Prayer for the reconnection with the heart of God through the sacred heart of Jesus” and I felt a grace and blessing straight away after the viewing. It is such a beautiful prayer and delivered with real sincerity and love for the Lord I am now saying it daily! As I discovered more of her prayers I felt further blessings from the viewings and once again felt her sincerity in wanting to help people in their lives, which is a true sign of a person who says they love God. She also has an admirable vision in wanting to build the first Archangels Spiritual Center in Europe which is destined to be a spiritual haven to help people on their paths and bring them closer to God. I am certainly grateful for finding her video on that day and I encourage everyone to work with her prayers daily and see what it may open up for you in your life…

Dear Reverend Maria, thank you for this beautiful powerful prayer, I really feel like it brings me back to God. You prayers are so blessed and filled with devotion, I feel that they also help to invoke ones own spirit to go deeper within devotion to, they are very encouraging. TAKE ME, O LORD, TO THY HEART!!!”


Edgar James, www.thesoulreleaseproject.com

"Dear Maria, Your prayers are working!!! I feel so blessed and so thankful that I found you on You Tube. I have been playing your videos and the prayer for getting rid of negative energies, dark spirits, cleansing of the aura have been amazing!!! I’ve felt a light airy energy running through my house! I’ve felt dark spirits leave my house. There were spots in my house where I felt an intense heat and now I feel an angelic presence with me. My instincts tell me that it is Archangel Michael.  Each day my house is feeling cleansed and serene. Never have I experienced this feeling before! For so long I have felt the presence of something negative and now I feel a sense of peace. I will continue to play your prayers everyday. ? Thank you so much for your prayers!!"

Melissa Maldonado

“I believe in your power of prayer for it has helped me so much. Thank you Maria, you are a very pure soul, I feel it… and you are blessed with the healing powers, I feel it too. You are truly a gift from God for us.  I found your site yesterday and listened to your prayers and they worked!  You have changed me so much in the last 24 hours, I can’t believe it, God Bless you and keep you always, you are a true messenger from God!

I just wanted to thank you for blessing my life with your presence. Since finding you onYou Tube (which was a miracle in itself) my life has been filled with an inner peace I cannot fully explain. When I meditate to your prayers I feel a white, warm presence surrounding me and it is BIG and stays with me for quite a while. I don’t quite understand what it is, but it feels like a love I have never known before. I feel protected when it surrounds me and I feel I can call upon it when I need it, I haven’t yet, but I know it will be there if I need it. Again thank you for your gift to me and kindness, you are truly one of the lights in this world and there are not that many… Your friend always, Debbie, sending love, peace and blessings your way.”

Deborah Riegel

“I came across the You Tube video “Prayer for finding of a great paying job within 3 days” quite by accident while searching for prayers to help me find employment. I moved just one month ago to my hometown and thought it would be easy to find employment. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I was desperate as I have bills due very soon and have worked for many years to help to rebuild my credit. Just when I thought things were going good, I had to make this move that took every bit of my savings….I cried, I prayed and cried some more for guidance to help me find a job. I prayed with you, Maria, so hard just five days ago. That same afternoon I received a phone call from one of the places I had applied at. I was interviewed the next day and on the 3rd day I was called and offered the job! And not only was it just an offer but more money than I had made in 8 years in my previous town and benefits!!! Thank you SO SO very much for this prayer. I truly believe it works and I just want to say thank you! And thank our Lord for helping me to find you to give me that nudge I needed!!! God bless you!!”

Elaine Bowman

"Dear Rev. Maria, I am truly grateful to you!  I quit my job last month due to abuse. I was unemployed, no money coming in, bill collectors threatening me, no food in my house. I was depressed and saw no end in sight.


I watched your three videos on you tube, divine blessing to get a job immediately, prayer to get a permanent job within 24 hours, and prayer for finding a great paying job within 3 days. I chanted the light set me free mantra over and over with faith. I was open and receptive, I believed and expected to get a job. I played your videos over and over knowing my job was coming. On the 5th day I received a call to come in for a interview, I was hired that same day. I have only been at my job a week but I love it. I am smiling again, the spirit of suicide has been lifted off of me. I want to live and see Gods will in my life. I have been watching your other videos. Your voice is so calming and your videos are beautiful and give me peace. THANK YOU! "

Olivia M.

“Dear Maria, I must say, every now&then when I’m having a bad day, or lost in my head, I always watch one of your videos. Your soothing tone&the words you speak, always seem to calm me… I don’t know who you are, where your from, or even remember how I stumbled upon your channel months ago, but I just wanted to say thank you… and God Bless…”

Dana H.

"Dear Reverend Maria, to me you are one of the angels send from above to make a difference in somebody like me’s life… I can’t stop listening to your prayers its like every prayer is especially for me and my family.

I have been using and studying the violet flame for the past three years that is how I came across you and I’m pretty sure now through you “the violet flame” has become much more clear to me.

Thank you ever so much for being there for me, lifting me in the times that I felt ” I can’t do it any more”. You are one amazing person, a mentor to look up to, a gift from our blessed FATHER AND MOTHER GOD!!! In my simple way I ask OUR FATHER MOTHER GOD to bless you, to bless your amazing work for you are truly the best thing that has EVER happened to me, without saying one word you know what is in my heart… I do pray and ask that GOD would make it possible for me to meet you and thank you personally one day!!! Thank you for making me feel special, it hasn’t happened often in my life but you truly make me feel special and happy…

May God bless you every day more and more.. Thank you God for this angel send by you to change my life in such a immaculate way." 
Love and blessings,


Dear Maria, Thank you so much for all this beautiful work that you are doing! I am very Gratefull and Honored to write this testimonial for you Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja. 

The Powerful prayers put me right back in my center. I feel so much better and very supported. 

You have changed my life and You are a beautiful light messenger for the 7 Archangels. 

I have been wanting to thank you again for what you have given me—a wonderful gift. I have felt so much more positive and accepting of what’s happening in my life since I listen to your prayers on your youtube channel. 

I believe the most powerful healing Prayer from you is about Divine Mother Mary Novena did a lot for me its very, very significant, powerful and important. For now I’d say it was stunning….in the most positive light….and at this point, I can’t say much more and want to thank you very much, again—-for your rather unbounded love, caring, skillfulness and support.” 

It is lovely to pray with someone like you that is so clear, loving, and filled with integrity. Thank you for being on the planet to assist Humanity to find GOD in their hearts.. 

I want to thank you for giving me a chance to experience your work. It is truly amazing. 

You are an amazing woman with a wonderful talent!! 

Of course, I hope the International Spiritual Seven Archangel Center is coming soon in The Netherlands. If everyone indeed give 10% from their income to GOD it can be realized very Quickly. "
With Respect and Love, 

Pieter Vonk 
The Netherlands and the Ukraine

"Dear Maria, Your Prayers and Blessings are so Pure and Divine. Thank you for being here and sharing your Heavens Light with us all who hear the call and feel the Presence of Gods Love. 

You are a divine creation of Gods infinite Love Blessed and a Blessing to me and all you connect to with your heart felt messages enriched with Heavenly energies like a Rainbow Bridge connecting Heaven to Earth with your Love.

Blessed Angel Maria you are a Heavenly messenger and a guide to the Light path.  You touched my heart and I felt your energies so pure and true healing with a soft tenderness of compassion. You bring a deep Love and sincerity to each one who you are guided to contact and leave each with a warm glow in there hearts of a angels touch.  I thank you for being here and helping so many along the way."
From my heart to yours, namaste

Rab Adamson

"Dear Rev. Maria, I love you so much!  You make life so blessed. I am so glad to be connected to your greater wisdom in this day and age of fanaticism and false sages who only contaminate humanity with misleading and incorrect teachings. Your words and your energy is supreme, for you are truly connected to real goodness , true liberation and absolute freedom. I Thank you for your noble work! You are truly valuable as a person and I respect you so much for the high standard of Grace, Dignity, Beauty, authenticity and great wisdom that you represent. You are the finest ever. Beautiful , wise and so enigmatic. A Goddess sent by the supreme Father-Mother God with a capital G.

Marian Mankotia

"Dearest Maria, I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single day under the influence of your Prayers and of your Beautiful Being is a day more worth living: I hope this statement does not sound banal, but that’s exactly how your Sacrality and Magic are affecting me. 

It’s so true, Maria: the difference between various Prayers, Meditations, Practices etcetera that I’ve been lucky enough to know and experience in years and YOUR Prayers is that they not only provide me an instant/short-term relief, but they also spread their effect of Growing Up, Self-Liberation, Connection with the Divine Forces and so on and on over time. Your Prayers and Blessings helped me in taking a stand in my life and are helping me a lot. 

May The Total Flow of Gratitude, Light and Love be bestowed onto you from the very depths of my Heart."
Be Blessed, be Healthy, be Happy.

Paolo Paoletti