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A private Skype session with Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja is a wonderful way to get the most practical spiritual counseling regarding most aspects of your life such as health, abundance, career, spirituality, enlightenment, family issues and relationships. A private session with Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja creates clarity in your mind, offers peace to your soul and shows the best possible Divine outcome of your challenging life situation. Your personal inner power will be strengthened by the Power, Wisdom and Love of God during just one private Skype session. Your soul will also receive healing throughout this natural process of an open heart-to-heart conversation. This personal healing will be accomplished during the next 3 days after the Skype session. The toxins will leave your body at some degree and the emotional release of grief and pain may also take place. You may also feel more peace, harmony and balance in your being, especially when Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja will make her personal prayers on your behalf.

During this type of session you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that come to your mind. You will receive the relieving answers to you questions given from the heart of the Universal Christ. Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja is guided by Alpha and Omega, Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, the 7 Archangels and the Great Karmic Board during her preparation to your private Skype session and of course during the Skype session itself. She also comes in spiritual contact with your personal angelic team and your team of other spiritual helpers and guides. They will all be present in Spirit during your private Skype session. When you have personal issues with the souls which are already passed away from the screen of life they will be also present in Spirit during this session for the desired solution of your problem. All this will take place as a sign of Divine Mercy and according to the Divine Will.

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1. Seven Archangels Birthday Blessing session with the revelation of your sacred angelic name and 7 chakras clearance
2. Soul retrieval session with profound healing and restoration of the wholeness of your soul
3. Activation of the angelic light codes in your being with the sacred inner travel to the angelic kingdom and reconnection with your personal angelic team guiding you on your Path
4. Healing of your family tree with Mother Mary and her healing angels. Restoration, healing and harmonization of your family ties and transformation of the family karma through the Violet Flame ritual
5. Emotional release of the painful memories from your past and healing of the soul wounds with Archangel Rafael and Mother Mary
6. Session for the working out of your conflicts with the passed away souls – family members or karmic partners included the etheric contact with the passed away souls during the Ritual of Forgiveness, Harmonization and Final Blessing
7. Session for discovering and activation of your Divine Mission with the sacred reading from your Book of Life
8. Session for attraction of the perfect partner/ soul mate/twin flame including a special ritual of Divine Blessing for Perfect Love
9. Session for the clearance of the financial blockages with activation of the personal money magnet and sacred ritual of the Blessing for Infinite Abundance
10. Session for the solving of your personal issues with karmic reading of your personal situation, energetic clearance and sacred blessing for the best possible Divine solution

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20 minutes, 60 minutes

10 reviews for Private Healing, Prayer, and Coaching Session

  1. Lucia

    I am Lucia would like to have the a private healing prayer about the tree of life. Clear all blockages from financial from the pass lifes to present time and family. I want to evolve in spiritual life. Thank you

  2. Sofia

    Vandaag heb ik een 2uur sessie 1 op een 1 ontvangen van de liefde volle Maria. Ze heeft mijn energieën compleet gereinigd ik ben stevig verbonden met de engelen. De reis die ik heb mogen maken was bijzonder in woorden niet te uiten
    ( ervaar het zelf 🙂 ) . Het mooiste is dat ik mijn engelen naam heb mogen ontvangen. Maria is een warme liefdevolle vrouw. Ik ben nog aan het bijkomen van de behandeling alleen ik voel me nu al zo sterk en krachtig. Maria dank u wel. Een heel dikke knuffel sofia.

  3. Naseema Mohedin

    Maria is an absolute blessing and I send much love and light to you. You have changed my life and thank you I have met my twin flame. So much has changed since our meeting. I thank you for the transformation and the heavenly blessings from the archangels. May heaven reward you in abundance, wealth, health and prosperity. Lots of love and thanks again. Do appreciate you!

  4. Karel

    Greetings I am KAREL Amos
    Like to have a private healing Activation of the Angelic light codes
    Clearance of the financial blockages solving my personal issues thank you mother Maria God bless you thanks ?

  5. Pawandeep kaur

    I need prayer for good career.

  6. Swati Swadesh

    Maria,I need blessing for remove all my financial hurdle. I am running my own business. I want to run the business smoothly. I wish to have session with you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your youtube videos.

  7. Karel

    I need prayer financial blockages Activation of the Angelic light codes

  8. mahnaz

    i would like to have a session to activate my inner power and to clean my family tree from the blockage

  9. Joy Nakiganda

    Hi Maria, I would like to have an all through clarity and my kids. Please tell me how we can arrange for that.

  10. Hope Traxler

    I will like to have a Session with Rev Maria about why i cant have a husband i have divorce twice and many broken affairs.My Business and carrier as nurse why things are not working out well then my extented family why so much confluct and hatred to me.How can i have peace in all areas?

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