Prayer to Get What You Want

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
– George Addair

"Discover the the most powerful Divine secret and learn in 9 minutes how to get what you really want.”

Prayer for attunement to the Holy Will of our blessed Father in heaven:

“Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, Father of all life, act on my behalf this day. Fill my form. Release the Light that is necessary for me to go forth to do thy Will. And see that at every hand the decisions I make are according to thy Holy Will. See that my energies are used to magnify the Lord in everyone whom I meet. See to it that thy Holy Wisdom released to me is used costructively for the expansion of God’s kingdom. And above all, beloved Heavenly Father, I commend my spirit unto Thee and ask that as thy Flame is one with my flame, the union of these two flames shall pusate to effect in my world the continuous alertness and attunement which I need with the Holy Presence, with the Holy Spirit and with the World Mother. Amen.”

Miracle prayer for solving all of your problems

"Share this prayer with your friends and loved ones and our Lord will manifest 1 miracle in your life every time you will share this powerful prayer. The Light of God that is manifesting during this special prayer is strong enough to solve all your problems. Reinforce yourself with the miracle Presence of Father-Mother God in your daily life by this holy mantra: Take me, o Lord, to thy heart!

Miracle Prayer for the Realization of your deepest desire

"Play this prayer for 33 days without skipping a day and you will be able to realize your most profound desire that you’ve been keeping in your heart your entire life. This prayer provides you with the magical key that will open all doors of opportunity in your life. Just listen carefully to this prayer, repeat with me all the given mantras and affirmations and you will be able to make your biggest wish come true. In this video I am explaining you the secret on how to do that. Never forget that you are born to be happy, joyful and free. This life is not a punishment of God, but it is given to you to enjoy your creative powers. You have already created the most beautiful dream, now it is time to take the right steps for a physical realization of your deepest and biggest desire. This prayer will activate the Divine creative powers within you. You will learn how to make your dream a living reality by the power of God."

Dear friends give this 10 mantras for 33 days to fulfill your deepest desire.

1. I AM a holy stream of light from God’s heart

2. I AM the perfection of God that is mine

3. I AM filled with the holiness of God that is true essence of mine being

4. I live and move freely in God and God’s kingdom

5 .I AM filled with God’s mind and the Christ is within me

6. I and my Father are one; I and my Mother are one; I and my Christ are one

7. The holy spirit of God dwells within me and sanctifies me to the cause of truth

8. The infinite One is my breath, my being, my life

9. I have the full access to the infinte, peaceful and glorious mind of God

10. Holiness unto the Lord!!!

Meditate Until You Find the Solution and Get what You Want!

“When a problem thwarts you – when you find no solution and no one to help you – go into meditation. Meditate until you find the solution. It will come. I have tested this hundreds of times, and I know the focusing power of attention never fails. It is the secret of success. Concentrate, and don’t stop until your concentration is perfect. Then go after what you want. As a mortal being you are limited, but as a child of God you are unlimited. Connect your concentration with God. Concentration is everything. First go within; learn to focus your mind and feel the power of God. Then go after material success. If you want health, first go to God and connect yourself with the Life behind all life; then apply laws of health. You will see that this is much more effective than relying solely on doctors. Commune with God and then go after health or money or seeking a partner in life.

To get a response from God, you must meditate deeply. Each day’s meditation must be deeper than the previous day’s. Then you will find that as soon as your attention becomes focused, it burns out all deficiency from your mind, and you feel the power of God come over you. That power can destroy all seeds of failure.”

-Paramahansa Yogananda, Journey to Self Realization



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