Prayer for Divine Guidance

“No one can find God without love, for love given freely from the heart of His children is the only thing man’s Maker is seeking. He has everything else.”
– Paramahansa Yogananda”

Are you standing at the crossroad of life at this moment? Are you asking yourself the question : “What is the right thing to do in this difficult situation?” Receive the direct answers from the heart of God to your inner questions by the power of this special prayer. This prayer will activate the Divine Guidiance in your life. Watch this prayer every time you need Divine assistance on your Path. This prayer will help you to take right decisions in the most difficult and challenging situations. Please use the following short prayer daily to intensify your personal connection with God:

Light of God surround me,
Love of God enfold me,
Power of God protect me,
Presence of God remain in me.
Wherever I AM, GOD IS!

Prayer for Divine Support and Guidance

"Bless me, Father-Mother God, that the single eye of realization lead me to behold through the veils of matter Thy infinite presence. O infinite Energy, infinite Wisdom, recharge me with Thy spiritual vibration. O cosmic sound of Aum, guide me, be with me, lead me from darkness to light all the days of my life. Amen."


Prayer to the Ancient of Days Lord Sanat Kumara

"O blessed Ancient of Days, Lord Sanat Kumara, we praise the infinite love flowing to earth from your heart. We adore the sparkling ocean of your sacred wisdom that contains the wisdom of all Universe. We kneel before your tremendous power, o ruler of worlds, and still we admire you as the living example of a humble servant that is forever faithful and true to his Lord. Beloved Father, may your infinte light purify, enlighten and lift up all the people on earth.

Touch our hearts, our minds, and our souls with the transforming power of your Divinity. We pray for spirtual balance of Holy Love , Wisdom and Power in our hearts and reinforcement of our inner will to be reunited with God in our daily affaires.

Guide us, blessed Lord Sanat Kumara on our Path, so that the spiritual growth and transformation of our souls will be accelerated and we will reach the level of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness and be liberated from all limitations of the human form. Help us to become the Divine Masters of light, dear Father. Help us to start from the point where we are at this moment and help us to increase our light day by day. May our hearts never loose inner connection with each other. May the immortal light of the Divine spark, that you and me carry in our hearts, make us forever one."

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

The gift of the holyness belongs to each one. For all are created with a heart that perceives the Divine presence within life, shining behind the visible appearance of things. This gift is eternal and can be covered over but never taken away. It is part of the soul, and as such remains forever.

"In the name of the Christ, I call to the heart of God. I call for the opening of my consciousness to the descend of love as the Holy Spirit all around me. O light of eternal God, come forth! Holy Spirit reveal thyself! Cloven tonges of fire, come forth! Emmissaries of God, saints robed in white, come forth as the testimony of the age and the fulfilment of cycles. Ascended hosts of light, all who are my elder brothers and sisters on the Path, draw close to me. Draw the circle of fire around me now. O Father-Mother God, o Alpha and Omega, in thy name I invoke the fullness of the light and of the Word made flesh. Open my eyes, raise up now my soul unto the plane of the inner Christ light. Renew the ancient contact of my soul with thee, O God. Let us become one again. O light of God that never fails let my call compel the answer by Love. O Holy Love, eternal Love, enter now my temple. Enter my heart, my soul and mind and wash me clean forever. Bathe me in liquid light. Let all this light flow to my heart and purify the space within me. I invoke with all the power of the Christ the fullness of the Holy Wisdom. Intensify, O Lord of Lords my inner knowledge of Divine Reality. I welcome Holy Wisdom to guide my heart to the Victory over my lesser human self."

Prayer for Divine Presence

"You have a divine right inherited from God to demand from Him; and He will respond to you because you are His own. If you constantly call to Him, He cannot escape the net of your devotion. If you pray until the ether churns with the light of your prayer, then you will find God.”

– Yogananda

Divine pledge to Christ and Krishna

"In the name I AM THAT I AM I bow before the polestar of my being, the Great God Presence.Today I pledge myself and I offer my soul faculties and all that I am to Christ and Krishna. I pledge to minister to all lightbearers of the world as God and Divine Hierarchy of the Light shall direct, that they may shed the cocoon of ignorance and awaken to their Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self and to our joint ministry in the Light.

Through Christ and Krishna I chart my course by free will trough these matter spheres, in wisdom and loving obidience to thy laws. By thy grace I AM fulfilling the path of righteousness that leads to Thee. Take me, use me, assimilate me, O God of Life, Light, Truth and Love. For by thy grace I AM a Christed one.

And this is my divine decree, uttered unalterably in the name of the Son of God Jesus Christ and the Lord Krishna. I speak it this day and I renew it each day trough my soul-guided determination to serve my Lord. So be it. Amen"



Hello! I'm Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja

The core of Reverend Maria’s Mission is placed in the spiritual assistance and spiritual empowerment of any awakening individual, which is looking for more happiness, freedom, peace, abundance and love on earth. All this things are given to us by the Grace of God and surely will be granted to all mankind as a result of very conscious, loving and harmonious collaboration between man and God.