Angelic message of the Queen of the Angels,
Blessed Mother Mary

My dearest child,

May the purifying rain of Divine Mercy descend upon you now. It is the right time for you, my friend, to receive a cleansing of your inner world by the Sacred Rain of our Lord. The Holy cosmic waters are swiftly flowing in your direction and the liberation of your soul from the grubby energies of your past is already begun. Let it go, my child, let it go completely….let your past be removed now by the mighty purifying action of our Lord. May this precious rain of Divine Mercy never stop it’s flow in your life!

I am here, your cosmic Mother, also known in our Divine world as the Queen of the Angels. I am Mary, the Archea of the emerald green ray of healing, and I come to wash the old garments of your soul totally clean today.

The never-ending waves of my love are flowing to you without ceasing. I love you, my blessed angelic friend, and I will keep you in the flow of my love until your soul will become whole and clean again. Our Lord asked me to enter your personal world today and touch your heart with a healing ray of Love from my heart. I am standing here, near you, dear child of God. It is the appointed time according to the Highest Will to get your freedom, holiness, joy and purity back again.

May your heart open his petals as a miracle rose of light. Please remember, my child, that an open heart is a cosmic chalice where the liquid essence of my love may be saved forever. May your soul collect in inner stillness and adoration the cosmic drops of my infinite love for you day by day. You may be surprised by the fact, beloved child of God, but it is true that the chalice of your heart will grow swiftly every time when it becomes completely filled with the crystal essence of my love.

Your soul is really growing spiritually by every feeling, though, emotion and experience of Love. Feel the presence of Love all around you today. The air, the ground and the waters of this planet are completely charged with the vibration of the infinite Love of God from the beginning. Every cell of your physical body, my friend, is nothing else than the pulsating tangible manifestation of everlasting Love.

I welcome you to meditate upon the presence of the infinite Love of our Lord in your physical body today. When you will recognize yourself as a keeper of the Holy vibration of Love, all your life situations will be changed for the better and all your problems will be dissolved by the activated flow of infinite Love in your life.

I give you my word, my beloved child, the word of the Queen of the Angels, that when you will take time daily for a meditation on the pulsating presence of Divine Love in your cells, organs and chakras that you will change your life forever and you will create a new sparkling future not only for yourself but for anyone whosoever you deeply love.

Meditate, my dear friend, on the presence of Love in every molecule in the air and in all the material things that surround you in your life. Be constantly aware of the fact that really everything that you can touch in this world of form contains the basic substance of Immortal Life and this basic substance is nothing else than the pure Love of God.

Heal yourself now with the never-ending flow of my Love to your heart and seal yourself in the immortal presence of Divine Love in your life. The Sacred Rain of God has accomplished it’s purifying work and the most beautiful angelic rainbow is shining now with the magical colors above you head. This is the Divine halo of the holiness of your soul, my blessed child. Keep your personal sense of holiness high and know that your sins are completely washed away today from your soul. Go in peace and spread the Glory of God everywhere. He will send you by shining brightly the immortal fire of Love in your heart.

In the immortal flames of Love I seal you now,
Mother Mary, the Queen of the Angels


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