Angelic Message of Archea HOPE

Abundantly blessed heart of LOVE,

Welcome into the eternal Flame of Hope! At this very moment when your eyes just started to read this angelic message the snow-white crystal waves of everlasting Hope enter the inner doors of your soul to remain there forever. The cosmic ocean of Hope is flowing right now into your being and consumes all your human fears that have blocked the free movement of Divine Light in your world for centuries. Open, my friend, your whole being to the cleansing waters of Hope and let your worries, fears and pain completely disappear into the Divine ocean of Hope.

Blessed child, may I tell you that the celestial energy of Hope is anchored in the molecules of the oxygen in our angelic kingdom. The sacred substance of Hope is actually everywhere present in the higher world. There is no such thing as hopelessness in the realms of spirit. And I, Archea Hope, was born long long ago to expand the rays of Divine Hope to the furthest corners of this Universe and I come to you today to charge your whole being with the crystal light of everlasting Hope and to stay with you forever.

My dear soul, I am the Archea who abides in the material dimension as long as the human world exists. I am one of the 7 Archeai which are permanently present in the world of form because without me this world will become a frightening prison and will collapse in less than 24 hours. Life cannot endure without Hope, my friend. Like a life without oxygen cannot exist, in the same way there is no one here on earth and up in heaven which can persist without Hope. This is why our God has called us, my beloved Gabriel, myself and our magnificent angels of Hope to continuously charge the molecules of the air with the cosmic rays of Hope.

Hope is everywhere, beloved child of God! May I remember you that I am present in your life from the very physical point of your conception. And even before that time we were together with you in heaven when you stood as a formless spirit before the flaming eyes of God. I was there, my friend, when He gave His last blessing to you so that you should succeed in your coming incarnation… And I am here with you today talking to you and supporting you even when you cannot imagine my angelic presence in your most difficult life situations… Yes, I am still present in your life, standing on your right side and whispering into your ear: „There is hope, my child, there is still hope for you, our Lord has truly not forsaken you…”

Arc Hope perfect

Can you remember the whispering of this little gentle voice within you when your world was falling apart again? Could you hear me saying: „There is a chance, my child, just try it one more time”? This is my real voice, beloved friend, and not just the inner voice of your own human imagination. This is the white ray of everlasting Hope that enters your heart at the moment of crisis again and again.

May you learn to resist the energies of hopelessness as we do. Hope brings the life forth and magnetize the Universal energies of abundance, blessings and grace into the life of every living being. Remain very consciously in the presence of Hope and let the opposite energy of hopelessness take no advantage on you. Keep the white flame of hope alive in your heart not only for yourself but also for your fellows. When you say that a situation or a person is hopeless, you are slamming the door in the face of God that is standing right before this person waiting for the waking up of his soul.

My blessed friend of light, I urge you to become my angelic instrument here on earth. Become my tangible angel of Hope and spread the mighty rays of Hope from this day on wherever you are! Use these powerful mantra’s to the immortal flame of Hope and know that every time when you will pronounce these affirmations with the full authority of our living God within you, the little white crystals of Hope will be anchored by me and by my blessed angels into your chakras and into your aura. These crystals of Hope unseen for the human eye will become an angelic magnet of my essence of Hope within your being and little by little, day by day you will become a pure crystal chalice of everlasting Hope, a true blessing to every soul into this material world…

I AM the flame of eternal Hope burning upon the altar of being.
I Am God’s manifestation of the immortal ray of Hope.
I AM the perpetual stream of Hope into planet earth and her people.
I surrender all that blocks the flow of infinite Hope into my life.
I AM the overcomer of all outer conditions through the flame of Hope within my heart.
I AM the fullness of my Christ-Victory through the mastery of the immortal flame of Hope.

My dear child, remain aware of the never failing presence of the cosmic ray of Hope in your life! Know then that the very first sun ray that is touching your face every morning is nothing else than the cosmic ray of Hope radiating joyfully towards you from my heart. Do not forget that I am daily with you and I am determined to stay with you until the end of your life. Please do not hesitate to speak aloud my name „HOPE” as often as you need me and know that I am not just a beautiful dream, but I am your very old angelic friend who still nourishes your soul with the white crystal essence of Hope from the very beginning.

My blessed friend, I am here to tell you: allow yourself to hope, to believe and to trust again. Don’t let a few bad memories stop you from having a joyful, brilliant life full of freedom, inner peace and soul satisfaction. Yes, you were born to be happy! I can easily remember how joyful you were right before your descent to matter because the flame of Hope was truly anchored within your heart and because our Lord had made His promise to assist you in the fulfillment of your reason for being in your new life.

I told you already that I was there, in the Departure Hall of heaven, when our blessed Father told you with His usual firmness and infinite love that you will know the fulfillment of your greatest dream in this new incarnation. This promise He will never break, dear child, unless your hope and your trust in His words will be damaged somehow by the accumulation of your own human fears.

Have patience, beloved friend, because patience is the very frist step to the fulfillment of your Divine reason for being. As our beloved brother of light has ever explained the true meaning of patience to mankind, so am I here just to remember his words to you:

„Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”


These words are the magical key to your ultimate happiness in this life.

Remember, my blessed soul, that Hope easily takes her dominion over your world when patience is already residing there. Hope and patience are both needed in order to activate the cosmic spiral of your Divine Mission in this life.

Open your heart to me, my friend, and never close the inner doors of your soul again. Just welcome the ray of Hope from the very core of your being. Remain in attunement with the Will of God and know that the cosmic timing of all events in your life is always right.

It is true that everything that you hope for will be sooner or later given unto you, beloved friend of God. You only need to discover the fountain of the never-ending patience within your being. Patience is the key that will help you to stay connected with the cosmic cycles of your soul evolution. Patience will also help you to accept your life events in the way our God has designed them for you. Yes, very often you will experience the blessings of our Lord as challenges or at least as unexpected improvements. But He knows that this is exactly what you need at this moment in order to grow further and faster and finally to be happy.

Beloved friend, even when you are not able to understand the Divine reason behind your difficult life situations, always remember that there is the Highest purpose in everything that you experience in this life. The true Divine purpose of confronting life situations may not always be revealed to you directly but nevertheless KEEP YOUR HOPE HIGH! Just keep your hope high no matter what, dear child of light. Never loose your hope in a better life and in the fulfillment of your greatest dreams, because truly you are born at this time to experience the Divine Grace in everything what you do.

My dear child, I hope that this message will help you to find a reason to smile or at least a reason to get out of your bed every day of your life. Never forget that Hope is much more than a groundless dream. It is the highest Grace that we receive from our Father’s heart at the time of the hardest improvements on our Path. I will close my message to you with this promise: the pain that you may feel in your heart at this moment will be finally healed and will be past but the white flame of Hope within your heart will surely last forever.



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