Prayer for Divine Grace given from the heart of Archea Holy Amethyst

Beloved Father, I am so grateful for Your Holy Presence
Which I so often feel inside my own heart.
Help me share Your Love in a deep and meaningful way.
Help me pass the Grace I have received from You on to others.
May I be at the right place, at the right time to do good.
May I listen to the still, small voice within.
May I take every possible opportunity
To offer words of comfort, encouragement and joy to others.
May I be a vehicle of Your compassion.
May I reach out a hand whenever I am needed.
May I pass Your kindness on to everyone everywhere.
My heart be true to You always.
Make my heart strong and sure, giving and receiving.
Help me to open myself to the Grace You have in mind for me,
And help me use the precious moments of my life in blessing others.
Thank You for Your Grace, beloved Father.
It is a phenomenal gift.
May Your acts of Grace never go unnoticed by anyone.”


My sweet child,

May the violet waterfalls of Divine Mercy and Compassion liberate your soul right now from all sorrow and errors of your past. Take a breath of the fresh air of Forgiveness, Mercy, Joy and Justice flowing to you now from the heart of God!

The time is come when your good karma will soon be accelerated and you will receive the abundant flow of energies of Divine Grace and Mercy into your world because of your selfless, good deeds in the recent and not so recent past. I was send by God to tell you that the cosmic doors to your soul liberation will be open tonight. I will take you this night to the sacred place of ultimate freedom and I will be your host there if you wish. You are welcome to take my hand, to follow me and to call me as my angels do: “sweet mother Holy Amethist."

I am the Archea of the violet ray of God, the twin flame of my beloved Archangel Zadkiel. Together we are keeping the flame of Cosmic Freedom for planet earth and her evolutions and we also sustain this universal vibration of Liberty for our angelic kingdom and far beyond. The spirit of ultimate freedom is the Divine essence of who we really are. When you even think about the phenomena of freedom we immediately react to it by sending the rays of ultimate Cosmic Freedom from our hearts to your heart.

Welcome, my child, into the place of infinite beauty, our etheric retreat of the Cosmic Freedom shining brightly as a star in our angelic kingdom. This is a Holy place of rest, soul healing, spiritual growth and personal transformation for everyone who has ever been here. The sparkling crystal violet mist of Cosmic Freedom is floating everywhere and the soft deep rose and magenta glow of Divine Forgiveness and Mercy are rising constantly from the ground, mixing naturally with the air.

Yes, the ground of our retreat is formed by the everlasting energies of Mercy and Forgiveness, you feel it immediately when you place your feet on our Holy place for the first time, and the air that we breathe here is nothing else than the Divine elixir of the most pure and concentrated energies of Cosmic Freedom. Just one breath of this air gives you the sense of the ultimate expansion of light within you, the ultimate sense of liberation of your soul from all boundaries you have ever experienced on earth.

Really the spirit of Freedom is the oxygen for the soul. What can you do without oxygen, my friend? How long can you stay alive without a breath of air and how long are you willing to postpone the ultimate liberation of your soul? Are you ready now to break down the prison walls of your mind, pointing you daily why you are not able to create and to experience infinite happiness, soul satisfaction, ultimate freedom and never-ending abundance in your life?

My blessed soul, choose now to enter a new cycle of your life, the cycle of the ultimate soul liberation. Come with me to our Hall of Freedom in our magnificent violet palace of light, made out of huge amethyst geodes and white crystals. I will show you there a Cosmic Mirror which reflects your true Divine identity, the identity of the Royal child, the offspring of the Highest Lord of this Universe, authorized to rule His material kingdom by the Road of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power. Please remember, sweet heart, that you are not a slave, but you are the ruler of your own world and your true power is really limitless.

Yes, it is time to identify yourself with your Highest and True identity, dear child of God. Only then will the power of Cosmic Freedom expand within your soul. As long as you believe that your outer human self is the end result of who you really are, you will still be bound by the human laws and the boundaries of the human mind which will always tell you where your limits are.

By the Holy Grace of God I will give to you a prayer, a spiritual call that you may give every time when you face your own mirror at home. Just imagine that the Cosmic Mirror from our Hall of Freedom is placed over your own mirror and possesses the miraculous self transforming power. Copy this prayer for yourself and stick it onto your mirror so that you will be able to speak it aloud at least once a day when you look very consciously to your face at this mirror.

Cosmic Mirror prayer

In the name of my mighty I AM Presence and beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Archea Holy Amethist, I call to God within the miraculous electronic particles that compose the glass of this mirror. I demand this mirror to manifest my Divine identity and to radiate forth my true Christ image!

In the name of the Christ I say to my energy: you are wholly God! You are Divine! You are radiant! You are light! I call forth the magnificent Christ Light of Victory for the atoms that compose my body! I set my mind free from mankind’s decadent thoughts! I call for the transmuting Light of God to pour forth through the atoms that compose my brain and being!

I call forth the power of Victory to flow through the stream of my thoughts – all the thoughts I have ever thought throughout all my embodiments. I ask for my memory body to be purified and shaken loose right now, as one would shake the grates of a furnace, until all the ash of the transmuted substance is shaken out and is no longer a part of my world. I call for the transmutation of that ash by the power of the Violet Flame wherever it goes, until the action of Cosmic Christ Victory will make my mind the magnificent diamond-shining Mind of God.

I ask to be filled with the diamond shining Mind of God which will like a great Cosmic Mirror reflect the perfection of my Lord. Then I will not see limitation, death, discord or any other negative condition manifesting upon this planet or upon any other planets in the cosmos, for I can by the power of my invocation call for the perfection of the Universe!

Blessed Archangel Zadkiel and blessed Archea Holy Amethist, I am calling to you! Give my your feeling of Cosmic Freedom! Give me your feeling of Victory and liberate my soul today from all records of slavery. In the name of the Christ I am free! I am free! I am free today, now and forever. Amen.”

May the words of this prayer create a miracle of true soul liberation in your life, dear child of God. May the oceans, seas and waterfalls of the violet ray wash your soul clean again and keep you pure and holy until one day you will appear before the very eyes of our Father-Mother God.


O Violet Flame! O Violet Flame! O Violet Flame!
In the name of God, in the name of God, in the name of God!
O Violet Flame! O Violet Flame! O Violet Flame!
Flood the world and flood the world and flood the world!
In the I AM name, in the I AM name, in the I AM name!
Peace and Peace and Peace be spread throughout the earth!
May the Orient express Peace,
May the Occident express Peace,
May Peace come from the East and go to the West,
Come from the North and go to the South
And circle the world around!
May the swaddling garments of the earth
Be in place to magnify the Lord
In this day and hour and this night.
May the world abide in an aura of God Peace!
Your sweet angelic mother Holy Amethyst,
The Ever-present Archea in the crystal fire essence of the Cosmic Freedom

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