Archea Faith
Faith is indefinable certainty of God behind everything

Beloved child of Infinite Faith,

Rejoice, because our Lord has send me to you today in answer to your prayers. I AM the invincible Archea Faith, the Divine consort of Archangel Michael, and my beloved Michael and I, together with our legions of blue-lightning angels, are entering your human world by demand of Almighty God at this very moment. Watch us, marching through the fields of matter, coming across the land and see us gathering in a large formation of the cross at your doorstep right now. Yes, my dear friend, we have arrived. The untold numbers of angels of God’s Holy Will are standing right now before your door. Open the door of your mind, open the door of your heart, open the door of your soul and welcome us, dear child, to enter the fiery essence of your being.

It is the Holy Will of our Lord that your own human will will be charged and reinforced today by His perfect Will, Holiness, Light and Power. By our sustaining presence in your life you will receive a cosmic impetus of the Divine Power so that your actions will get more results, become more effective and your dreams should be realized easier in the material world.

Dear child, are your prayers not answered yet? Are you still in trouble? Do you feel that your chances to change your life are almost nihil? Are the doors of opportunity still closed around you no matter how hard your are knocking? This is always a sign that your have some serious blockages in your world, first of all inside of your own psyche, which is based on the undissolved traumas from the past. These blocks are the very heavy stones which prevent the flow of Divine opportunity and Divine Power in your life. Yes, my friend, I will tell you that 85% of the blocks against Divine Fortune are created not by God but by your own human mind at the moment when your Faith is damaged by your incapacity to hold the things under your human control.

Our Father has shown you, dear child, that every moment when you try to control things by your human will and your human power the outer stability which you are trying to sustain no matter what will sooner or later disappear. The Faith in the unfailing Presence of God in your life and in His perfect Divine Guidance is the only antidote for any disappointment that you are facing now or probably will face in the future on your Path.

My blessed friend, please remember at all times that the fiery vibration of Faith is the key to your increasing succes in this life. Become one with this vibration. Become this vibration. Become the living presence of Faith here on earth as our blessed Mother Theresa did and many known and unknown chelas(students) of the Will of God did too.

Meditate on the Divine essence of Faith by placing your whole attention on my sacred image. See with your inner eye my fiery blue eyes full of True Faith, Purity and Compassion. I Am the ageless embodiment of the Infinite Faith of God in this Universe. I personify the feminine aspect of the Divine Ray of Faith and Power in the angelic kingdom. I AM your Mother of Faith, my blessed child. Look at me now and see my infinite love and trust in who you really are. I am here to support you and to help you to win, to help you to overcome your doubts and fears and all conditions of your mind which are less than the cosmic Christ perfection.

I will reveal my prayer to you today which is the very precious gift of my heart to your soul. Use this prayer and this affirmations at the moment of struggle and hopelessness in your life. I promise you that every time when you will give this prayer aloud the cosmic fire of Faith from my heart will enter your whole being and will reinforce your every action, your every step and your every decision when it is adjusted to the Will of God.


Prayer of Archea Faith

I AM, I AM, I AM a friend of God

I AM, I AM, I AM uplifting His rod

Of implicit Faith in my purpose Divine

By thy blazing Reality now I do shine.

I AM the blue ray of Infinite Faith which lifts up the Light in all whom I meet.

I AM WHO I AM. I know who I AM. I love who I AM. I trust who I AM. The invincible Faith is my nature and my way to the Power of God. I AM the Christ in action wherever I AM. I AM the defender of Truth and I am the Holy warrior of Peace.

I AM carrying the Holy Chalice of Faith in my hands in Christs name. I AM holding the miracle cup of the cold water of Faith for everyone who need it.

I AM FREE, I will stay free and I will never go back to the lesser level of evolution.

By the power of Archea Faith living within me I dissolve all memories of my soul less than Cosmic Christ perfection. I consume and roll up as a scroll all that is past, all that is unholy, all that is unclean within me. By the miracle of Infinite Faith I AM purified today as a crystal. I AM weightless, I AM clean and I AM ONE WITH GOD. Amen.

My blessed child, you may recite this prayer just once or many times a day if you want. But when you are standing in the middle of the battle of life surrounded by the enemies with their poisoned arrows pointed towards you, you need to accumulate all the Divine power that you can find inside and outside yourself in order to overcome the attacks of darkness.

I suggest you then to speak this prayer 9 times aloud with the authority of God living within you. You proclaim by this prayer your original Divine Right to be a true son or daughter of God. You will be supported and protected not only by me but also by my beloved Archangel Michael and our legions every time when you will pronounce this prayer.

Please remember that you are a soldier of the Christ who has volunteered to descend to this material world from the sparkling realms of light and has made his vow to God to defend the innocent Life on earth. I am here to tell you that you are my very special child whom I have personally trained in our etheric retreat. You are very well prepared by us, the Archangels of Faith, Guidance and Power of God, to firmly stand your ground here on earth and to win the battle of light going on in this physical world.

My sweet heart, you are much more than what you think about yourself. You are holding a tremendous balance by just being true to your own Divine nature, by your recognition and adoration of the Universal Laws of God. You are also keeping the balance by being involved in different challenging situations in your life and by taking your stand for God and His children wherever you are. Your way of life cannot be easy by definition, my blessed friend, just because you are a true and a very valuable soldier of the Christ. Look then not for an easy life without complications but strive for the reinforcement from above by us, your Archangels of Divine Power, and by our invincible blue-lighting angels.

We are really following your steps on earth and we are always waiting for the cosmic moment of your prayers and invocations, because without them we are not alowed to enter and to act in the human world. Reconnect then your heart with our hearts as often as you can and say this magnificent prayer before you will start your daily service in your world.

Prayer to Archangel Michael and Archea Faith


In the name of Almighty God I AM THAT I AM, I call for the full power of Alpha and Omega, the full power of Archangel Michael and Faith to be released into this physical world today. I call for the cosmic cross of white fire to intensify the Presence of God within each heart. I call for the magnificent blue flame of Divine Power, Divine Will and Divine Guidance to expand from the Great Central Sun and touch every living soul on earth. May the Holy Presence of Archangel Michael and Archea Faith descend to this world of form and intensify the soul’s desire to be free on the Path of personal Christhood.

I call for the sacred action from the heart of Archangel Michael and Archea Faith for the setting aside and holding back of the conglomerate of all human desires and the accumulated human karma so that the souls of the light-bearers may proceed directly to the very living heart of their own Christ Self and be able to enter the Holy of Holies of their own Divine core – the white fire core of their own mighty I AM Presence.

Blessed Archangel Michael and Faith, acceleratie therefore our God-desire and our Will to be. Help us to become the living torch of light for everyone who is searching for the highest Truth and Divine Reality on this planet.

Burn through, o electric blue light of Michael and Faith, liberate now every child of God from all negative thoughts, negative attitudes, negative habits and negative projections. Reinforce with your Holy Power and Divine Will all souls who are willing to wake up the fire of God within their hearts. Bless all souls who are willing to become the living Christs on earth and use them as your personal instruments for the salvation of this planet and her people. Cut free now all awakened souls with your mighty sword of blue flame and may the True Freedom of the soul reign on earth forever and ever. Amen.

Angelic Message of Archea Faith

My dear friend, there is no higher desire in this Universe then the desire of a living being to be who he is destined to be, to be who he really is. There is a magnificent Divine purpose for being created by our Lord for the whole life – animated and so called not animated. There is a very beautiful and valuable purpose for being for every living soul which is fixed by God into the electromagnetic form of a personal Divine Plan. Yes, you too have a Divine Plan which we can perceive from our angelic dimension as a beautiful vibrant coalescing blueprint, an electromagnetic field of energy which looks like a mandala or a snowflake floating in the air high above your head. This blueprint is constantly persent as a fluorescent energy field above your human aura and moves with you like a balloon fastened on your head wherever you go. It is placed by God in the etheric dimension (that is why you cannot see it with a naked eye) and it is attached by the crystal cord to your crown. Your Divine blueprint is sealed by our Lord and remains in the nonactive, dormant state until your soul becomes awakened spiritually from inside out and starts to search for her deepest reason for being.

Your personal blueprint contains the Will of God for your soul for all your incarnations in matter. It contains the Divine Plan for your personal evolution through the ages and fixes the best possible key steps for the inner growth of your soul towards the state of personal Mastery in the human world. It is up to you, my child, to choose to follow your own Divine Plan, to discover the key steps of your personal evolution and to fulfill your own Divine reason for being or not. You are free at all times to choose by yourself: to follow the inner voice of the Divine Guidance which will always guide you to the fulfillment of your Divine Plan or to follow your lower human senses and your lower human mind which will send you here and there and will play a game of Russian roulette with your soul.

My blessed child, we are the angelic keepers of the Will of God for your soul and we know that your Divine Plan contains very important steps, which you really need to take in order to assist yourself in the blossoming of your Divine potential and in the realization of your self-mastery in this life. There are also the key decisions according to your Divine Plan which you still need to take on your Path in order to protect your soul from the unwilling degradation and possible self-nihilation.

Beloved friend of light, you are here to choose and to definitely answer this old cosmic question: to be or not to be. Your soul is making this important choice not just today, but day by day throughout all her incarnations in matter. We are here to remember you that your soul is the most precious treasure that our Lord cherishes amazingly in His heart. He loves you deeply as His own favorite and the most adorable child. And there are powers of light which are supporting your choice to be, your choice to belong to God – your heavenly Father and your heavenly Mother, and there are powers of darkness which are jealous of this immortal Love and because of it are determined to nihilate you by tempting you and by leading you to the way of complete self destruction.

Do not fear, my child, we will never leave you alone in this outrageous battle for your soul. My blessed Archangel Michael and I, your Mother of Faith, will always keep you protected in our triple circle of blue lightning as long as you stay in alignment with the Will of God, adore His Laws and make calls for Divine guidance and protection daily. Just speak out aloud our names 9 times and use the following prayer for protection addressed to Archangel Michael for the sustaining of the protective triple blue circle of light around you personally and around all the children of light:




Prayer for the Protection of all Creation

In the name of Jesus the Christ, I call to Almighty God to send to us Archangel Michael and beloved Archea Faith for the preservation of life on earth, for the protection of every mother and child and for the protection of every family. I call for the Holy intercession of the seven Archangels and their Divine compliments in our lives and I call for the placing of the triple blue-ring of protection by the white-fire and blue-lightning angels around every living being on our planet earth. May the Light of God expand in the heart of all creation and may the life on earth be protected and free from all harm and from all temptation.

O dearest Michael, Archangel of Faith,

Around my life protection seal:

Let each new day my Faith increase

That God in life is all that’s real.

Go before me, Michael dear,

Thy shield of Faith I do revere;

Armor of Light’s living flame,

Manifest action in God’s name.

O Michael, Michael, Prince of Light,

Angel of Faith, beautiful, bright:

Around me now protection seal,

Let heaven’s Faith all error heal.

Go before me, Michael dear,

Thy shield of Faith I do revere;

Armor of Light’s living flame,

Manifest action in God’s name.

Michael, Michael, raise me now,

To my God Self I will bow;

Scintillating flame of Power,

My vows do keep each blessed hour.

Go before me, Michael dear,

Thy shield of Faith I do revere;

Armor of Light’s living flame,

Manifest action in God’s name.

In the flame of Infinite Faith and invincible Power of God I seal you today in my heart and I support you in your choice to be and to stay in the sweetest heart of God.

Receive now the powerful blessings of my love for your precious soul,


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