“Look outward for knowledge and inward for wisdom”
– Dan Goldberg

Angelic message of Archea Christine

My gracious child of Divine Wisdom,

May the beauty of the Golden Lily, the Divine symbol of the consciousness of God, touch your mind with the sense of humble adoration to His perfect Wisdom and expand your narrow human consciousness today.

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!

Just say it together with me 9 times and watch the breaking of the boundaries of your preconditioned human thinking like you watch the breaking of a dam under the pressure of the expanding waters of the ocean. I am here to help you to break down your old intellectual barriers which had separated your personal mind from the infinite Diamond Shining Mind of God for too long.

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!

Behold, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!


The sparkling golden radiance of the Mind of God is shining continuously through the whole Universe and has never reached it’s limits. Yes, my child, the consciousness of God is interwoven with every particle of being, with every molecule of the matter and the spirit. You just cannot take a breath without breathing in the limitless golden essence of the Diamond Shining Mind of God. Be aware of that, blessed soul, because this knowledge will open for you the portals to the universal field of information where all the answers, all the solutions and all the matrixes of the Great Cosmic Plan of universal evolution are present.

Breathe in now very consciously the infinite light of the Wisdom of God and breathe out the omnipotence of the Divine thoughts. Imagine the thoughts of God as the beautiful weightless white clouds entering slowly your head and the aura around your head and see the grey clouds of your human thinking just peacefully depart the energy field of your head. The muddy clouds of your human thinking are displaced one by one by the huge snow-white mass of Divine clouds – Divine thoughts of Holiness, Harmony, Peace, Beauty, Purity, Love and Perfection. This is a very effortless spiritual process, my dear friend. The change of your human mind to the quality and vibration of the Divine Mind is just occurring without any struggle or use of mental power. The exchange of your human thoughts by the thoughts of God happens naturally, effortlessly and peacfully.

I, Archea Christine, the Archea of the Golden Wisdom’s Ray of God, is send to you for this very purpose: to assist you in the altering of your personal consciousness to the level of the Holy consciousness of God. Please remember, my child, that Divine illumination of your mind is not a momentous miracle but a life long mystical process which expands and accelerates, amplifies and reinforces itself while you remain in your daily attunement with the Diamond Shining Mind of God.

Breathe again peacefully the beautiful golden-yellow stream of the Wisdom’s Light and assimilate the omnipotent energy of All-knowledge of our Lord. Remain silent and peaceful, my child, centered in your heart. Feel the infinite love and appreciation, adoration and gratitude to our Lord who has send me to you today to teach you the cosmic science of the exchange of your limited human consciousness with the limitless consciousness of our Father-Mother God.

Watch again with your inner eye how the grey clouds of worrying, frustration, anger, hopelessness, doubt and fear are departing the screen of your mind. They are easily replaced again and again with the majestic snow-white clouds of Divine thoughts keeping within them all the Divine answers to your inner questions and providing the magnificent Divine solutions to the situations you have on your mind. The things in your life become more and more clear with every breath you take at this time and the questions as “why?” and “how?” are answered because of the Divine action of the Cosmic Christ Illumination which is taking place while you are reading this message from my heart.

See the mighty flow of the golden stream of Divine consciousness entering your aura, your head, your crown chakra and your brain and reaching the white fire essence of your soul, nurturing your whole being with the perfection of the Divine Wisdom. Keep your mind open for this sacred spiritual work, my dear child, and accept the positieve changes in your mind as fully and completely manifested, even if you probably cannot notice with your outer mind the tangible difference in your state of mind before the reading of my message and after…

My blessed friend of Wisdom’s Light, I would like to share with you now a beautiful prayer for illumination. This is a sacred gift from my heart to every soul which is looking for the attunement with the Diamond Shining Mind of God on a daily basis. I advice you to use this prayer early in the morning when the golden rays of Divine Wisdom gently touch every mind of the children of God. This prayer will help you to anchor the Divine thoughts in your human mind and will open for you the cosmic doors to the universal information field, named by us “Akasha chronicles” where all records of the past, all Divine matrixes for the future and all Divine solutions to difficult situations in the present are “magically” fixed by the Diamond Shining Mind of God.


Prayer of Archea Christine
to the Diamond Shining Mind of God


Beloved Father-Mother God, my own beloved I AM Presence, the holy presence of my Lord within my heart, I bow before your infinite Light, Love and Grace. Lord God Almighty, I AM THAT I AM, I humbly pray to you today: release your Golden Rays of infinite Wisdom and fill my human consciousness, my human mind, my physical brain and my crown chakra with your illuminating Diamond Shining Mind. May these golden rays of illumination enter my being and world today and increase my self-awareness of who am I and what is my Divine calling in this life. May your magnificent, pure and perfect Mind, my Lord, be superimposed upon my human mind today so that I will be able to think the Divine thoughts, to know the Divine answers and to see the Divine solutions for every problem that I may meet in my life.

Beloved Archea Christine and magnificent Archangel Jophiel, the Archangels of the brilliant Wisdom of God, hear my call! Infuse me with the presence of the omnipotent Diamond Shining Mind of God and bless me and consecrate me with the power of the Holy Spirit so that I will become one with thee. May the beauty of the Golden Lily seal my head, my mind and my soul in the perfect flow of Divine Wisdom and the Cosmic Christ Illumination, purifying and accelerating my human consciousness to the Highest level of the consciousness of God.

I thank thee and I am grateful for the loving union of my human mind with the Diamond Shining Mind of God. Amen.

My blessed friend, I am very happy to see the change of the vibratory action of your thoughts right now. The mighty stream of Divine consciousness has purified and removed the old records of destructive thinking from your world. My angels of illumination are placing a cosmic ring of golden fire around you now to protect the precious energy of Divine Wisdom and Illumination in your pulsating energy field. But you need to know that this circle of protection can easily be broken by the human habit of criticism, judgment and condemnation. Stand guard, my dear friend, and keep these destructieve energies of envy, condemnation, resentment and judgment including self judgment and self condemnation outside the golden circle of Wisdom’s ray. Let no one provoke you and tempt you to enter in the interchange of energies based on criticism, envy, revenge, judgment and condemnation. This is the greatest poison that you can ever drink, my child. Stay away from people who are addicted to the continual condemnation of others and even to self-condemnation. As long as these destructive energies are present in your world you will have difficulty to keep in attunement to the Diamond Shining Mind of God and may easily loose your blessings of purification and expansion of your mind.

Yes, it is still much work to do on your personal Path of light, my blessed friend. You are walking the way of self-mastery and the circumstances in your life are absolutely not easy to overcome and to handle. We know that. Have patience with yourself and know that you are exercising the Divine powers within yourself in the situations which are provided for you as a perfect learning environment. Keep on keeping on. Never give up. Never submit to the forces attacking your soul but strengthen your inner shield of light and keep the darkness outside the shining golden wall of your mind. Attune yourself with the sparkling consciousness of our Lord, assimilate yourself with the Diamond Shining Mind of God and stay protected and free by oneness with our Lord I AM THAT I AM.

Angel overgave

I leave you now within the sparkling golden mist of Divine Wisdom and Cosmic Christ Illumination. Be aware of your inner growth, my child. Don’t condemn yourself for what you are not. Truly, you are on your way to become a Great Master of Divine Wisdom. Be proud of your Divine origin, be proud of your talents, be proud of your victories, how little they seem to be sometimes. The Divine potential within your soul is really unlimited. Just take your time to let all your Divine gifts blossom one by one by one…

With a gentle touch of my Golden Lily of Divine Wisdom on your crown, I welcome you to enter the cosmic portals to the Diamond Shining Mind of God.



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