Archangel Uriel

April 16, 2018
The angelic rainbow is the mystical bridge of Peace between the angelic and human world. Peace is not just a word but it is a vibration of the comforting Presence of Almighty God in your life. The Peace of God is the sacred key to His eternal Kingdom, to our…

Archea Auroroa

April 17, 2018
I am here with you today, everyday and forever. Remember me, my beloved friend, call to me, pray to me and ask me to anchor the crystal essence of my angelic Peace within your heart.

Archangel Zadkiel

April 19, 2018
Archangel Zadkiel is the glorious Archangel of the violet ray of God. The most beautiful qualities of the Christ are resonating with the same vibration as the violet ray: freedom, mercy, forgiveness, justice, diplomacy, respect, tolerance, intuition, gratitude, spiritual awakening, mastery of alchemy and transmutation, prophecy.

Archea Holy Amethyst

April 20, 2018
I am the Archea of the violet ray of God, the twin flame of my beloved Archangel Zadkiel. Together we are keeping the flame of Cosmic Freedom for planet earth and her evolutions and we also sustain this universal vibration of Liberty for our angelic kingdom and far beyond.

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We, the 7 Archangels, the 7 servants of our Lord, are manifesting this dazzling light into your physical world as a Divine sign of our permanent presence, our angelic dominion and our brotherly union without end. Yes, we are here, in the higher dimension, standing in front of you with the banners of the 7 rays in our left and with the fiery swords of angelic Truth in our right hand.

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