Archangel Michael

April 6, 2018
Archangel Michael is known as the Prince of the Archangels. He is placed by God on top of the Divine Angelic Hierarchy as the Angelic Great Commander, the majestic leader of the 7 Archangels and all angelic hosts.

Archea Faith

April 7, 2018
I AM the invincible Archea Faith, the Divine consort of Archangel Michael, and my beloved Michael and I, together with our legions of blue-lightning angels, are entering your human world by demand of Almighty God at this very moment.

Archangel Jophiel

April 8, 2018
Archangel Jophiel is a beautiful Archangel of our Lord that personifies the Divine energies of Wisdom and Illumination. His aura is shining brightly with the magnificent golden-yellow radiance..

Archea Christine

April 9, 2018
I, Archea Christine, the Archea of the Golden Wisdom’s Ray of God, is send to you for this very purpose: to assist you in the altering of your personal consciousness to the level of the Holy consciousness of God.

Archangel Chamuel

April 10, 2018
Archangel Chamuel is the cosmic angelic master of the most beautiful, peaceful and loving relationships between people. He helps in resolution of the conflicts between nations, neighbors, families and couples by spreading an irresistible rose fragrance of infinite love over them.

Archea Charity

April 11, 2018
You may know me as Archea Charity or you may even never heard of my existence before. This does not matter, my dear child. I AM here right now, standing right in front of you and I place my healing hands upon your head so that you may feel the…

Archangel Gabriel

April 12, 2018
Archangel Gabriel is the glorious Archangel of the cosmic white light that holds the flame of Divine Purity and never-ending Hope of God in his heart. He radiates the most impressive, the most beautiful bright snow-white light that is difficult to contemplate with a naked human eye.
Angel blue wings

Archea Hope

April 13, 2018
My dear soul, I am the Archea who abides in the material dimension as long as the human world exists. I am one of the 7 Archeai which are permanently present in the world of form because without me this world will become a frightening prison and will collapse in…

Archangel Raphael

April 14, 2018
Blessed Archangel of Divine healing, magnificent Rafael, please take command of my physical condition, my human emotions and the thoughts of my mind. Sustain in me the perfect picture of the Divine Design so wonderfully created by Almighty God. See that this action of thy Divine eye-picture of my being…

Archea Mother Mary

April 15, 2018
I am here, your cosmic Mother, also known in our Divine world as the Queen of the Angels. I am Mary, the Archea of the emerald green ray of healing, and I come to wash the old garments of your soul totally clean today.

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We, the 7 Archangels, the 7 servants of our Lord, are manifesting this dazzling light into your physical world as a Divine sign of our permanent presence, our angelic dominion and our brotherly union without end. Yes, we are here, in the higher dimension, standing in front of you with the banners of the 7 rays in our left and with the fiery swords of angelic Truth in our right hand.

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