Healing does not mean that damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life.

Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of Divine Truth, Abundance and Healing and holds the cosmic vibration of the emerald ray of God.

Watch the video prayer this page every time you need to anchor the presence of blessed Archangel Rafael almost physically in your life. Also use the prayers to this magnificent Archangel of Truth, Abundance and Healing posted on this page below. Archangel Rafael also invites you to daily recite his short mantras for a greater flow of the Divine Truth, Abundance and Healing in your world. This mantras you will find in the angelic message of Archangel Rafael below.

Healing prayer to Archangel Rafael

Blessed Archangel of Divine healing, magnificent Rafael, please take command of my physical condition, my human emotions and the thoughts of my mind. Sustain in me the perfect picture of the Divine Design so wonderfully created by Almighty God. See that this action of thy Divine eye-picture of my being is established in the forcefield of my whole being and makes me whole now and forever. May the magnificent patterns of my own Divine Design expand without limit in the Temple Immaculate which I AM.

Blessed Rafael, conceive in me a new clean heart and work in me the fullness of a right mind in action which shall remove all distortions in my flesh form and my mental and emotional bodies, establishing the wondrous purity of God in my whole world. Amen.


The healing thought form of Archangel Rafael

The pulsating white fire core essence covered with the protective blue radiance and overlaid with the healing emerald green sphere of the crystal light


Healing prayer to Archangel Rafael

Blessed Archangel Rafael is the Divine Master of healing that uses very special advanced angelic techniques for healing such as the healing thought form. This thought form is composed by the three spheres of the cosmic light: the white light of purity and perfection is anchored at the core, the blue light of cosmic protection and Divine blueprint of a perfect health covers the white core and the emerald green sphere of healing light seals the white and blue spheres from the outside.

These WHITE-BLUE-GREEN spheres are the three spheres of Divine energy that are vibrating as one whole sphere of light. Archangel Rafael uses these spheres as a powerful cosmic tool for healing, named the angelic healing tough form. This healing thought form helps Archangel Rafael and his healing angels to manifest the miracles of angelic healing at all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and psychological.

Every soul may use this healing thought form for the softening of the emotional and physical pain, for the dissolving of the energy blockages in the personal energy field and for the removing of the human matrix of illness in the physical, emotional and mental body.

Dear angelic friend, please remember that the distortion of the personal energy field manifested as a disease is always caused by the wrong use of the life energy. The wrong use of the life energy is always accomplished by our human free will and is never an outcome of the Will of God. Our blessed Lord wants us to be joyous, healthy, peaceful and free. He sends to us his blessed Archangel Rafael and the cosmic legions of green angels for a miracle healing every time when we need the charge of healing and are praying for. The healing angels are very glad to help us to become whole again. But we need also to take our personal responsibility for our own healing. We need to work hard at least on a spiritual level of being to dissolve the energetic matrix of disease.

You can dissolve this matrix of distortion by reestablishing your contact with the Immaculate Concept – the original Divine design of your soul that is a radiant, glorious and pure archetypal matrix of perfection. This Divine Design abides within the energy field of your Higher Self. You may magnetize the perfect Divine design for your body, mind and soul by making an inner connection with your Higher Self and by visualizing a healing though form placed all around you. See yourself sitting inside the white crystal light of purity and perfection, covered by the electric blue light of Divine protection and overlaid by the healing emerald green light. Keep this visualization for 5 minutes before your inner eye. You may use this picture of the healing though form as a visible cosmic matrix for your personal healing. You may also choose to use the special prayer for a manifestation of the healing thought form by Archangel Rafael all around you.

White – the cosmic matrix of purification, the anchor point of vitality
Blue – the manifestation of the Will of God, the anchor point of perfection
Green – the vibrating healing light, the anchor point of wholeness

Prayer to Archangel Rafael for the manifestation of the healing thought form

Beloved Archangel Rafael, I invoke the holy manifestation of the healing thought form all around me right now today. May the vibrating green light charge my aura with the instant healing. May the magnificent blue radiance cover my body with the permanent protection. May the pulsating white light enter my organs, cels, molecules, atoms and electrons now and create a force filed of Divine Light that will heal the distortions of my body and the wounds of my soul. May the power of this healing thought form remain in my life field today, now and forever. Amen.

Prayer to Archangel Rafael for healing of all mankind

In the name of the Infinite Light residing in the heart of Archangel Rafael I pray that the healing flame be released upon all living beings on earth this day. Let the cosmic waves of the mighty green ray of beloved Archangel Rafael cover the entire planet and her people and bless everyone with the miracles of healing, abundance, vision and Holy Truth.

O blessed Archangel Rafael, send legions of the emerald ray into our way this day. I call for the penetration of the emerald ray into the consciousness of all people for the exposure of the truth and the exposure of the lie on earth. Let Truth be manifested and known everywhere.

O mighty green angels, preserve our hearts into the Victory in Christ. Open our eyes and help us to see the pure light of God. Help us to enter the heavenly world of a brilliant cosmic reality where the angels live, move and serve without end. O blessed legions of angels, come forth now and deliver earth and all of her evolutions of light in every nation into the very heart of the Almighty One. May the third eye of every man, women and child of this planet be opened and purified by the sacred emerald balm of the Cosmic Christ. Beloved Rafael, activate our inner awareness of who we really are and seal us in your Holy matrix of the immaculate concept for our souls forever and ever. Help all children of God to realize the Highest Truth and to become an anchor point of the Divine Reality in matter.

O blessed Rafael, we are grateful for your presence on earth. Multiply your healing rays so that all the earth might be bathed in your emerald light of Truth, Abundance and Healing. May the angelic sounds of healing from your heart make every living being whole again. May the healing music of your miracle green ray transform all the sorrow of this world into the sparkling light of Divine Wholeness. May the miracles of healing appear in our lives today. We accept it done right now with full power. May the Holy Will of God seal the action of the emerald green ray of healing in our souls this day. Amen.

– Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja

Etheric retreat of Archangel Rafael

Archangel Raphael’s retreat is located over Fatima in Portugal. The healing flame of his retreat flows like a waterfall onto the healing waters of Fatima. One of the most beautiful halls of the retreat is the Great Hall of Images, with statues of living spirit fire. Students and expecting parents are invited to come to this retreat to meditate on these perfect Christic forms.

Call to attend the Retreat of Archangel Raphael

In the name of the Christ, My Own Real Self, I call to the Heart of my Mighty I AM Presence and to Beloved Archangel Michael to take me to the etheric retreat of Archangel Raphael over Fatima, Portugal and I ask to be taught the law of healing and to be given the formula for the victory of the flame of healing within my heart and third eye chakra, especially as it pertains to the gifts of healing.

Beloved Raphael help me to remember upon awakening all that will help me to fulfill my mission on earth and the mission of my twin flame. I accept this call manifested through the power of the Christ and am thankful for its realization. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, Amen.


Angelic Message of Archangel Rafael

My blessed child,

The magnificent green waves of angelic healing are now freely flowing from my heart. Imagine now the most beautiful radiant blue-green waters of Life that are streaming into your world at this very moment to wash you clean, to calm you down, to comfort you and to heal your soul from the pain and sorrow of the past. I am Rafael, the Archangel of the miraculous emerald ray of Healing, Truth, Vision, Wholeness, and Abundance of God. I am the Archangel of cosmic miracles, my friend. Are you still praying for the wondrous appearing of Divine miracles in your life? I am the heavenly answer to your prayers, beloved child of God. I am standing here to manifest miracles of healing, abundance, and truth on your Path.

Rafael is my Holy name. This angelic name is the great cosmic key for the dissolving of all your problems and for the removing of all stumbling blocks from your life. You are welcome to use my angelic powers by pronouncing my Holy name that will manifest miracles in your world. I am revealing to you this day my special mantra that I usually give to my fervent students gathering together in my cosmic Temple of Divine Truth and Healing at my etheric retreat above Fatima in Portugal. Pronounce this mantra every time when you need my personal assistance on your way and be aware that when my name is spoken with a pure intention, with a vibration of serenity, gratitude and love the Divine answer will be manifested very quickly in the place wherever you are.

I AM one with Rafael in the cosmic flame of Truth.
I AM one with Rafael in the cosmic flame of Healing.
I AM one with Rafael in the cosmic flame of Wholeness.
I AM one with Rafael in the cosmic flame of Abundance.
Release your miracle light, o Rafael, into my world today!

Indeed, may the cosmic waves of Mighty Green expand into your world this day. It is time, my dear friend, to open your heart to the majestic reality of the higher dimensions of the Spirit. It is time to come in a daily attunement with the Holy Ghost. It is time to know and to exercise your spiritual powers by becoming a Master of the light in the material world. Open your heart, dear child, and move forward to the miracle life that will appear before your very eyes when you will definitely choose to become a true and loyal friend of the angels, Archangels and our blessed Father-Mother God.

I was sent by God to bring you back to your heavenly home, where your soul will attain her peace, comfort, freedom, and enlightenment. I have entered this world of form today for this very special purpose: to reconnect you with the Divine Reality of this Universe. I am standing here together with my Holy angels surrounded with a green fiery circle of light. I am ready, my blessed friend, to reveal to you the Highest spiritual perspective for your life and to give you the Divine Vision of the heavenly world that is your original HOME.

I am an Archangel that activates the intuitive powers of the soul by touching the third eye with a gentle but deep penetrating emerald ray of Divine Truth. Our magnificent Lord has decided that it is the right time for your soul to find out now and forever who you really are, where you came from and what is your Divine reason for being at this time on this planet earth. My emerald ray of Divine Truth and Vision is entering now your body, mind, and soul.

I am holding the powerful cosmic key in my hand to the closed door that separates your Higher consciousness from your daily consciousness. I open, cleanse and energize your third eye chakra so that you will be able to receive a Divine Vision of your heavenly home of light, of your magnificent Divine Plan for this incarnation and of your angelic team standing all around you every day of your life. This is not a dream, my blessed friend, this is the real world of the spirit where you came from. May the mighty green ocean of Divine Truth cleanse your soul with the immortal essence of the cosmic reality. Know the Truth, know the Ultimate Cosmic Reality, my child, as you know your own earthly name. Just speak this short mantra aloud right now with me and absorb the sacred energy of Divine Truth into your mind:

I AM one with Rafael in the cosmic flame of Truth.
I AM one with Rafael in the cosmic flame of Truth.
I AM one with Rafael in the cosmic flame of Truth.

Open the eyes of your soul and see who the untold numbers of healing angels from my bands are descending to your home in a formation of unending green spirals. They are coming to bring the perfect healing to your soul. The miracle emerald matrix is descending upon you now, dear child of God. Just accept this ultimate healing of your deepest wounds. This healing takes place in your energy field at the moment when the emerald matrix enters the unseen wounds of your soul. The emerald matrix is the Divine electronic pattern of perfection, the Holy matrix of perfect health for every living being. This emerald matrix of healing is created by God from the fiery love essence of His own Holy being for the purpose of your personal healing this day. The magnificent sparkling emerald crystals of this healing matrix are shining brightly under the sun rays of the Great Central Sun. My angels are placing the emerald matrix right now upon you while they are reciting the following angelic healing prayer:

Healing Flame of brightest green,
I AM God Presence all serene,
Through me pour thy healing light,
Now let Truth make all things right.
Flame of healing, fill my form,
Vibrant life in me reborn;
God within me, make me whole,
I AM healing every soul.

Use this mantra, my dear friend, every time when you need a charge of healing. Just repeat this angelic healing prayer for yourself 9 times or even more: 18 or 33 times. I promise you and this is a promise of the Archangel of Divine Healing that you will experience the miracle of healing in your world every time when you will visualize the most beautiful emerald matrix full of shining green crystals placed upon your body and when you will reinforce the working of this matrix by reciting softly but mindfully 9 – 33 times this angelic healing prayer. Close your personal healing session always with the following affirmations:

I AM the fullness of the immaculate seed of God within my heart.
I AM the Immaculate Purity of God in my consciousness here and now.
I AM the pure radiant God Design of my own being.
I accept the Divine Healing for my soul here, now and forever. Amen.

May you experience the miracles of the healing love of our God every time when you really need it.

In the Holy beauty and love of the Lord of Hosts I remain,


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