Archangel Jophiel
A beautiful Archangel of our Lord that personifies the Divine energies of Wisdom and Illumination.

“His aura is shining brightly with the magnificent golden-yellow radiance. The golden light of the Divine Wisdom emanating day and night from the heart of this mighty Archangel expands far away through the material and spiritual Universe. This magnificent radiation of his presence is related to his angelic name „Jophiel” that means “Beauty of God”.”

He helps everyone who is looking for spiritual experience of illumination to stay focussed on the most beautiful and higher thoughts of God. Jophiel knows that beautiful thoughts are like the magical keys that open the door to the Diamond Shining Mind of God. Only pure, compassionate and beautiful thoughts can create a Divine magnet in the human mind that will attract the vibration of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Blessed Archangel Jophiel is the great teacher of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. He is the most beautiful angelic guide on your spiritual Path that will show you the way to becoming the Christ in this material world by adopting the Holy consciousness of the Christ through daily spiritual practice. You only need to pronounce his name 9 times aloud with all the power and love from your heart and ask him for his personal assistance on your spiritual Path and he will place his Divine presence all around you.

Watch the video prayer above on this page every time you need to anchor the presence of blessed Archangel Jophiel almost physically in your life. Also use the prayers to this magnificent Archangel of Illumination posted on this page below. Archangel Jophiel also invites you to daily recite his short mantras for a greater flow of the Divine Wisdom in your world. This mantras you will find in the angelic message of Archangel Jophiel bellow.


Blessed Archangel Jophiel is the Great Angelic Master of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. In art, Jophiel is often depicted holding a light torch in his hand, which represents his angelic mission of illumination of all mankind with beautiful thoughts of God. Archangel Jophiel plays a great part today in the ongoing Divine revolution of the Higher Consciousness on earth. He is looking for spiritual students that will help him to lift up the mass consciousness on this planet by becoming the pure vessels of the Christ Mind.

Every living soul on earth is destined to become the holder of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, but how can someone become a pure vessel of the Christ Mind?

Carefully read this meaningful advise of Archangel Jophiel to his students and it will help you to become the human manifestation of the Christ:

Speak as you know or believe Christ would speak and Christ will speak through you. Think as Christ would think and Christ will think through you and the Mind of Christ will become congruent with your vessel one day. When you think thoughts impure, unkind, critical, intolerant than you must know that the mind of Christ is not in you at that moment. When you have feelings that are not the feelings of the compassionate Christ, then you must know again that the mercy of the Christ is not flowing from you to your fellow today.

Practice sweet thoughts, sweet feelings, sweet words and soon they will come naturally to you. Finally, blessed hearts, perform deeds that you know Christ would perform in this world and before you will even notice the living Christ will enter your physical temple and will permanently reside in your heart until your last breath in your physical life.”

Blessed Archangel Jophiel will graciously assist you not only in training and transformation of your human mind to the Christ Mind but also in your spiritual proces of discovering the beauty of God’s holiness. He will help you to see yourself through the eyes of God so that you can easily recognize how valuable you are.

Call to the enlightened heart of Archangel Jophiel every time when you need his powerful assistance in overcoming the ugliness of addictions and unhealthy thought patterns, when you need more sharpness of mind for absorbing and working out of some new information, study for tests and passings exams. Blessed Jophiel can also give you an understanding on how to resolve a conflict or any kind of your personal problems. You may aks him also to rescue people from ignorance or spiritual blindness. He will answer all your prayers and will show you how to discover more of God’s joy in your life.

Prayer to Archangel Jophiel for Christ Illumination

O, blessed Archangel Jophiel, may the flame of Cosmic Christ Illumination expand in the hearts of all man, woman and child on this planet today! May this beautiful golden flame awaken all people from lethargy and apathy of the ordinary human life and reinforce the mind of every man with the vital, breathing awareness of Divine Wisdom that transcends all dogmas and transmutes all limited human consciousness into the limitless Diamond Shining Mind of God!

I call for the full power of the sacred golden fire from the heart of beloved Archangel Jophiel to blaze through my entire consciousness, being and world to burn out of my mind and soul all that is not of the light and all that is less than the Cosmic Christ perfection. I call to beloved Jophiel to resurrect the memory of my Divine Plan and to restore the full consciousness of the Christ in me. May the Cosmic Christ consciousness that was given to my soul by God in the beginning of my individualized manifestation infuse my human mind again and again. May the holy light of Divine Wisdom of the Christ become my perfect guide in everything that I do this day.

Blessed Jophiel, my beloved friend of Light, I pray to you that my interaction this day with everyone whom I meet be filled with the pure Wisdom of God. Help me to become the instrument of your infinite joy, beauty and enlightenment to all whom I contact his day. I lovingly surrender my human ego and my human consciousness – pride, arrogance, anger, fear and blame casting all this into the golden-yellow fire of your Holy Presence. May the pure stream of the most beautiful thoughts from the Cosmic Christ Mind flow through my personal mind this day and fill me with the Pure en Holy Presence of God.

May the Kingdom of God come into manifestation, may the Wisdom ray of God become the guiding light for every soul on earth and may the Light of the Cosmic Christ consciousness prevail in the heart and minds of all mankind right now, today and forever. Amen.

– Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja


Archangel Jophiel’s Etheric Retreat

Archangel Jophiel has his own spiritual place of service in the higher dimensions of the Spirit. This Holy place is his own angelic retreat of God’s wisdom. This enteric retreat is located over the Great Wall of China near Lanchow and focuses the golden flame of illumination that was anchored in ancient China through Confucius, Lao Tzu and other Chinese masters. Archangel Jophiel invites all spiritual students to come to his retreat to study the Great Cosmic Law and to reconnect their own human mind with the Cosmic Christ Mind by spiritual studies and exercises under his personal assistance.


Call to attend Archangel Jophiel’s Etheric Retreat

In the name of the Christ, My Own Real Self, I call to the Heart of my Mighty I AM Presence and to Beloved Archangel Michael to take me to the etheric retreat of Beloved Jophiel over the Great Wall of China near Lanchow and I ask to be taught the law of Wisdom and to be given the formula for the victory of the flame of illumination within my heart and crown chakra, especially as it pertains to the gifts of the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge.

Beloved Archangel Jophiel, help me to remember upon awakening all that will help me to fulfill my mission on earth and the mission of my twin flame. I accept this call manifested through the power of the Christ and am thankful for its realization. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, Amen.

Angelic message of Archangel Jophiel

My lovingly adored soul of light,

The gentle presence of the Christ is approaching you now right where you are. The magnificent ray of the perfect Wisdom of God is touching your mind and my beautiful angels of Wisdom and Enlightenment are ready now to pour out the most precious cosmic oil of illumination upon your crown chakra on the top of your head.

Imagine now, my friend, that at this very moment when you are reading these words the sparkling Golden Flame of the Infinite Wisdom of God is descending upon you and softly entering your aura, your chakras, your physical organs, your cells, your atoms and electrons in the rhythmic cycles of the ongoing cosmic waves. Welcome this Holy Light, my child, and let this golden shining radiance of the infinite Wisdom of God just flow without any resistance through your physical body, your human mind and your innocent soul.

Open your mind, my child, to the miraculous action of the Golden Illumination Flame descending from the heart of God to your personal world today! Open your eyes and see me, the angelic manifestation of this Golden yellow flame. I am here, standing before you clothed with the sparkling mantel of the golden fire of my Lord.

I AM the Archangel of the Cosmic Christ IIlumination. I AM the Divine personification of the Holy Wisdom of God. I AM the angelic presence of the Diamond Shining Mind of my Lord. I AM Jophiel of the Light and I am here to charge your mind, your soul and your human personality with the Golden Ray of the Infinite Wisdom of the Christ. Open the doors to your inner temple, my child, and receive this Holy gift of Wisdom, the gift of the all-knowledge released to you personally from the very heart of God today.

Remember, my friend, that this incredible Light of God’s Holy Wisdom that I am manifesting in your world today is the most precious gift that your soul may receive on her way HOME. This gift comes to you as a ray of light touching the top of your head. You must know, dear one, that this cosmic Ray of Divine Wisdom is nothing else than the Holy action of enlightenment that transforms the darkness of human ignorance, human questioning and humand argumentation into the crystal fire of Illumination at the same moment when it touches the mind of man.

It is your Divine right, my friend, to be enlightened by God as it also is your Divine right to be touched by the angels of illumination. This is why I am inspiring you today to claim your personal Christhood, to claim your Christ Self-awareness and by the power of your Christ presence to command me, Jophiel and my angels to release the Christ light of Illuminaiton into your thoughts, words and deeds right now today.

Use this magnificent mantra’s for illumination every time you a looking for a divine answer, for a profound explanation of things or for a mystical teaching that you cannot find easily in your world. Say this beautiful mantras aloud 9 times and be sure that we are listening to your prayers for illumination and we will send the golden rays of Wisdom’s fire to your mind and by this action of the Holy Spirit you will find the answer you are looking for. Just speak these words that will give us the permission to enter your world with the Golden Fire of the Infinite Wisdom of God:

Angels bright from starry height, charge my mind with golden light
Make and keep me wise and free by God’s Grace eternally! (9x)

Come, come, come Divine Illumination’s ray;
Come, come, come into my world to stay;
Come, come, come in golden waves of peace;
Come, come, come, thy Wisdom Flame release! (9x)

I am receiving, accepting and absorbing the flame of Cosmic Christ Illumination from the very living presence of Archangel Jophiel now. (3x) Amen.

These mantras when given regularly will accelerate the invisible flow of God’s Holy Light within your being, soul and mind. It will restore your personal connection with the Diamond Shining Mind of God and with your own Higher Self – your Holy Christ Self. And by this reconnection you will come into Holy union with the living Christ within your own heart, my dear friend.

I will tell you now with all the joy of my heart that this cosmic union between every living soul and her own inner Christ is the final goal of the Illumined action of the Wisdom’s Ray for every human being on this planet. Yes, my friend, by the blessed action of the Christ Illumination Flame this earth will ultimately become a shining manifestation of the mind of God, individually present in every man, woman and child living on this planet.

…When the Christ will finally kiss your soul, my dear friend, all the doors to the unlimited Universal Knowledge and the Wisdom of God will be open unto you. Never forget, my child, that all the miracles of Wisdom and the holy gift of all-knowledge are starting with your personal absorption of the mind of Christ.

Seek ye first the kingdom – the consciousness of God and all other things will be given unto you.

May the Cosmic Christ Illumination flame enter your world today! May the Holy Wisdom of God become the guiding light on your spiritual Path! May the beautiful golden flame of Illumination expand on the altar of your heart! I am always with you, my friend, walking together on this most beautiful way of the Cosmic Christ Illumination.

O Flame of Light bright and gold,
O Flame most wondrous to behold,
I AM in every brain cell shining,
I AM in light’s wisdom all divining.
Ceaseless, flowing fount of illumination flaming,
I AM, I AM, I AM illumination.

In the golden yellow flame of the infinite Wisdom of God I remain,
Your angelic teacher, guide and brother,



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