Archangel Gabriel
The glorious Archangel of the cosmic white light that holds the flame of Divine Purity

“Archangel Gabriel is the glorious Archangel of the cosmic white light that holds the flame of Divine Purity and never-ending Hope of God in his heart. He radiates the most impressive, the most beautiful bright snow-white light that is difficult to contemplate with a naked human eye.”

His name means „God is my strength” and it is true that this blessed Archangel emanates the infinite strength of God through the whole Universe. Blessed Gabriel is known in heaven as a great disciplinarian who guides the children of God towards the Highest Initiation on the spiritual Path – the Initiation of the Ascension. Discipline, inner balance, commitment, determination, purity, honor, inner strength, responsibility, holiness, harmony are the most typical qualities of this blessed Archangel. This is why he is asked by God to serve as a spiritual teacher, as a personal spiritual coach to every soul who is climbing the highest mountain of self-mastery and is striving to become a candidate for the Initiation of Ascension in this life. Blessed Archea Hope is the twin flame of Archangel Gabriel and assists graciously to every son and daughter of God on their way to reunion with their own Divine Presence.

Blessed Archangel Gabriel is a well chosen messenger of our Father-Mother God that brings the most important news from heaven to the children of light on earth. He is the most wanted angelic being that every spiritual student desires to meet at least one time on his spiritual Path because of the glorious news that he brings on his wings.

It is Archangel Gabriel that announces to a well trained soul at the certain point of her Path that she is qualified to receive the sacred initiation of the Ascension at the end of her current incarnation. The white lily flower that he hands over to this soul at the moment of the annunciation is the symbol of the inner purity and readiness of the spiritual student to enter the white fire of the Ascension at the perfect cosmic time.


Beloved Archangel Gabriel is together with Archangel Michael the most famous Archangel in this world of form. The magnificent appearance of Archangel Gabriel in the physical world is noticed in the Bible and also in the Koran. It was Gabriel who announced to Elizabeth the birth of her son John, known as John the Baptist. Archangel Gabriel appeared also to beloved Virgin Mary and announced to her the coming conception of blessed Jesus, the Son of God, by the sacred power of the Holy Ghost. Archangel Gabriel also dictated the spiritual text of Islam, The Koran, to the prophet Mohammed. His appearance is very powerful and surprising at the same time. His coming happens every time when the earth and her people need a huge angelic infusion of Hope, Power, Wisdom and Love. He transforms the souls, minds and energy fields of all people who are destined to accelerate in personal vibration at this specific cosmic time.

Archangel Gabriel is definitely an Archangel of action that removes human fears, disprove human questioning and challenges all human procrastination. Call to Archangel Gabriel at the most difficult times in your life when you are facing the opposition to your Divine identity and your sacred mission on earth. Pray to Archangel Gabriel especially when you experience all kind of mistrust in your personal Divine power.

Do you have some inner struggle in making the right decision on your Path at this very moment? Pray than to Archangel Gabriel and ask him to remove all doubts and fears from your mind. He will come into action immediately and will create some unexpected life situations for you where you will get a wonderful cosmic chance to quickly get out of your comfort zone and start a new cycle on your Path full of joy, freedom, soul expression and inner satisfaction.

Are you depressed, disappointed in life, have no hope in a better future or addicted to drugs or maybe you have other unhealthy habits, than daily recite this special prayer to Archangel Gabriel for ultimate soul liberation for 33 days. Blessed Archangel Gabriel will liberate your soul from all negative conditions during these 33 days and will charge you with his own Divine momentum of Hope, White Light and Purity.

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel for Ultimate Soul Purification

In the name of the mighty Presence of God within me I call to beloved Archangel Gabriel to infuse my soul with his momentum of attainment to the cosmic flame of Purity. Blessed Gabriel, bring me back again to the celestial fires of Purity! Cleanse me, purge me and free me from all addictions, human habits and indulgences of my lesser self that has imprisoned my soul for too long.

Beloved Archangel Gabriel, surround me now with your Holy Presence of Light! Let me feel your angelic power of transmutation that consumes all discord in my physical, mental and emotional world. Liberate me, beloved Gabriel, from all lesser vibrations of sin and temptation. May the powerful spiral of the cosmic white fire cleanse without ceasing all my cells, my organs, my chakras, my aura and my entire personal world.

O Lord my God, I AM your child and I AM worthy of thy Purity! May the cosmic fire of infinite purity descend into my body, mind and soul. Remove from me now, beloved Gabriel, all that is impure in my thoughts and feelings on the conscious and unconscious levels of my being. Replace all my hidden impurity with the Holy Purity from the Heart of God. Make me free today, beloved Gabriel, from any attachment to the human indulgences and make me irresistible to any kind of temptation in this material world.

Here I AM, take me, holy angels of Purity, make me crystal clean again and again! May the white fire light descend upon me and fill my world with the highest vibration of Purity that I have never experienced before. Hear, o Universe, today is the day and date when my soul will become pure, joyful and free again! I am infused with the Purity of God. I AM Purity in action now. O blessed Gabriel, open the doors to the Holy of Holies of my own being – my own star of majestic Divinity within my heart. This is the sacred place of God where my purity will be restored en sealed now and forever. And I promise you, my Lord, that I will keep this Holy place in honor.

I accept the power of the white fire regeneration that makes me free from any discord and shame. Yes, my Lord, I accept today this blessed opportunity for the ultimate purification of my soul. I AM at peace in the great mystery of the Wholeness of being on the Path of Cosmic Christ Perfection. Amen.

– Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja

Etheric Retreat of Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel has a very beautiful and very powerful sacred place of service, prayer and contemplation in the angelic world. This is an ancient etheric retreat, located in Califronia between Sacramento and Mount Shasta. Archangel Gabriel invites all spiritual students to come to his retreat to learn how to hold the immaculate concept for each one’s God-design and divine purpose, in the flame of hope. Gabriel also teaches students on strategies of light and darkness, and on how to connect with ascended beings by raising our human consciousness to the level of the Christ. You may ask Archangel Gabriel to take your soul to his studying classes at his enteric retreat every night. The only thing that you need to do is to say this prayer aloud before you go to sleep at night.


Call to attend Archangel Gabriel's Etheric Retreat

In the name of the Christ, My Own Real Self, I call to the Heart of my Mighty I AM Presence and to Archangel Michael to take me to the etheric retreat of Beloved Gabriel over Northern California and I ask to be taught how to hold the immaculate concept and manifest purity, for the victory of the Mother Flame within my base of the spine chakra and the flame of hope within my heart, and for the working of miracles.

Beloved Gabriel, help me to remember upon awakening all that will help me to fulfill my mission on earth and the mission of my twin flame. I accept this call manifested through the power of the Christ and am thankful for its realization. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, Amen.

Angelic Message of Archangel Gabriel

My beloved soul,

May the most beautiful cosmic waves of the pure white light now wash your soul clean again and again. Purity is my name, purity is my flame, purity is my essence and purity is my spirit. Hear I AM, the Divine vibration of Infinite Purity, known as Archangel Gabriel in this world of form. Would you not let me enter into the secret chamber of your heart today, my dear friend?

I knock on the portals of your inner castle and my blessed angels of the sacred fire are also standing here with me. Let me know, beloved child of the Most High if we are welcome to step beyond the doorstep of your inner world and if we are able to meet each other in the secret chamber of your heart. Let me know if your heart is strong enough to sustain the highest energies of an Archangel. Let me know if your soul is ready for the purifying action of the white flame of God.

I am standing right in front of you, carrying the purging fire of our blessed Cosmic Virgin in my wings. Let me tell you, my dear friend, that the cosmic flame of Purity has the same vibration as the heart flame of our blessed Mother Omega – the personification of the Divine Feminine principle in this Universe. Your blessed Mother in heaven, our beloved Omega, is standing also before the portals of your inner castle with me today waiting for a joyous invitation from the bottom of your heart. Never forget, dear one, that every archangel, every angel, every Master of Light and every cosmic being will always bow before the expression of the human free will.

Open the door to Purity!
Open the door to Purity!
Let the breezes blow and trumpet Purity
Over the sea and over the land;
Let men understand
The voice of Cosmic Christ command.
I come to open wide the way
That men without fear may ever say:
I AM the Purity of God
I AM the Purity of Love
I AM the Purity of Joy
I AM the Purity of Grace
I AM the Purity of Hope
I AM the Purity of Faith
And all that God can make of Joy and Grace combined…

I AM Gabriel, the cosmic servant of the Holy Mother of this entire Universe. Please welcome us to enter your compassionate and highly sensitive heart right now today. We are your old friends from very ancient times. We are your cosmic teachers from the Divine world. We are the spiritual members of one great family of Light. You are our blessed friend, that we deeply love and appreciate.

Right now I AM sending the crystal white ray from my angelic heart that is touching your heart right now at this very moment when you are reading my message. May the cleansing power of this ray start it’s purifying work in your cells, molecules, atoms, and electrons without any interruption.

May the infinite light of God descend! May the infinite Light of God appear! May the infinite Light of our Lord enter your physical temple now and take away any substance that is less than the Cosmic Christ Perfection!

This is my call to Almighty God, this is my personal prayer to our blessed Father and Mother in heaven. Now it is your turn, my friend, to call to our beloved Lord and to ask him to intensify the clearing action of the white fire in your being.

I will give you the mantras that you may use every time when you want to magnetize the cosmic white fire into your world. Just take a moment, my friend, for the reciting of these 7 powerful mantras – affirmations at times when you feel some negative projections attacking your world, like criticizing thoughts, jealousy, revenge, emotional turmoil, human questioning, argumentation without end, human disagreement and aggressive mind control. These mantras will help you in a very short time to restore your personal sense of Divinity, integrity and inner power at all levels of your being. Speak these mantras aloud 9 times with all the power of your voice claiming your inner union with God, with me, Archangel Gabriel, with your Divine Mother and with the immortal flame of cosmic purity:

I AM the presence of Purity in the heart of God
I AM the awareness of self as the Son/Daughter of God
I AM the fountain of eternal purity
I AM the lily of the sacred fire
I AM the pure radiant God-design of my own free being

Be gone all forces of anti-purity!
I AM one with Gabriel, the Archangel, I AM one with the Cosmic Virgin and I AM one with the Lord my God!

Hear, O Universe,
I AM determined to be God here, now and forever!
I AM determined to be God here, now and forever!
I AM determined to be God here, now and forever!

These magnificent mantras and affirmations will bring you immediately into the perfect attunement with the purest Love flowing like a river from the Sacred Heart of our Lord.

I invite you now, beloved child of God, to place all your attention to your own heart and to visualize the beautiful fiery heart of God shining in the air right in front of you. This is the loving and merciful heart of our blessed Father-Mother God burning in the very core of the Great Central Sun. See with your inner eye the infinite waves of white light streaming from this beautiful heart in your direction. Purify now your heart with the waves of this cleansing fire descending to your heart from the heart of our God. Just stay into this pure vibration of the white light for some minutes even if you think that you are not able to visualize anything with your third eye. The purifying action is just going on even when you cannot „see” anything with your inner eye.

Don’t forget my friend, to daily pay attention to the expansion of your heart qualities. Feed your heart permanently with the white fire of our Lord. Generate the most kind and loving emotions and feelings in your heart by placing your attention on the beautiful, touching, softening things, images, situations, and persons in your physical world. When your heart is completely full with the hard, brutal and discouraging news from the media and film production you will most likely experience great difficulty to attune to our angelic world and to get into union with the heart of God. It is definitely wise, my blessed friend, to filter the things, the images and the news that enter your aura, your mind and especially your heart daily.

I will tell you, my friend, that the human heart was never created to carry all the sorrow of this material world. Please do not forget to place the pain that you are experiencing from the never-ending stream of world news and entertainment, especially the news, books, shows, and movies, that are deeply disturbing your inner peace, into the hands of the 7 Archangels and Jesus the Christ. It is true that the hearts of Archangels and the Masters of Light are strong enough to take away all your personal pain and the accumulated pain of this whole world and to change it by the transforming action of the purity flame into the Infinite Love of Almighty God.

Someday you will also be able, my friend, to transform any kind of pain into bliss and light. This is why I am standing here today before your inner castle, your inner temple of light. I came to you because the Great Karmic Board had found you ready and worthy to fulfill your reason for being in this life with the great cosmic honor. I was sent to you, my blessed friend, because it is time for you to accelerate your personal growth and to quickly progress on your spiritual Path. I will guide you in this process, my friend, if you will choose to adopt me as your spiritual mentor, if you are able to claim your Divine birthright for the becoming of the tangible vessel of the Cosmic Christ and the Cosmic Buddha in matter.

I AM ready to follow the Path of the White Light:
I AM claiming the goal of the assimilation of my soul into my Great God Self.
I AM ready to become the pure vessel of the Cosmic Christ and the Cosmic Buddha by the power of my God living within my heart.

With these words, I take my leave, beloved friend of light. Call me by my name and I will appear in your world immediately. I will come to you, my blessed child every time when you really need me.

In the flame of Cosmic Purity I remain,


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